Adventures in Nepal XV: Sunday Drive

Elizabeth has spoken fondly of “the family next door” to where she and Emma stayed in Paljorling Camp. Pressed for details, she just says that they’re really nice. This family next door is still kind of a mystery for me.

On January 26, the family next door took the girls out for a drive around Pokhara.

Scenes from an SUV window:

Elizabeth liked the narrow, winding roads.

They visited Pema Tsal Sakya Monastery.

The Family Next Door:

The monastery sits on a hilltop, with sweeping views of the surrounding area.


The colorful cloth squares are prayer flags.


The Prayer Wheel.

I like the peacock embellishments on the gray building.

Back in the SUV. The view out the window is mustard crops; mustard oil is a popular condiment in Nepal.


The ubiquitous Phewa Tal

Pretty wall

This is the room Emma and Elizabeth stayed in at Paljorling Camp. So cozy!

Meanwhile, on this day the U.S. confirmed three more cases of Covid-19, bringing the nationwide total up to five confirmed cases. No one was worried yet.

To be continued!

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Summertime Fun

The rain eventually stopped, and the Texas summer arrived in all its sweltering glory. Luke flew off to California for his four-week visit with his dad. We had all learned our lesson last year about not moping around during these apart times, so Elizabeth and I kept ourselves entertained in his absence.




We discovered Founders’ Plaza, which is a really pleasant little park with a good view of DFW Airport and the adjacent UPS Hub. It’s a nice place to relax, watch planes land and listen to the piped-in live dialog from the airport’s radio control tower. We bring lunch or ice cream and make it a picnic.






Then Luke came back, and Elizabeth went to California. Other than going to see Inside Out, I don’t remember Luke and I doing a whole lot while she was gone. We did get our first sight of Texas fireflies, while we were walking in a park at dusk near a lake. I didn’t have my camera with me though, just my iPad, and that doesn’t take great pics in low light. I did manage to get one halfway decent shot – can you see the firefly?


I have been promising Luke for ages that I would take him to see the Dallas Heritage Village, so we finally made plans to go about a week after Elizabeth got back from California. Unfortunately, when we got there we found a locked gate and a sign saying that the Village was closed for maintenence and would reopen in September. Guess I should have taken a closer look at that website.

Anyway, there we were in Dallas, so we decided to check out the Botanical Gardens instead. That turned out to be a solid choice. The place is gorgeous, and during the month of August the ticket price is only a dollar per person, probably because it’s not the flashiest time of year and it’s like 150º outside. Some of the plants did seem to be struggling in the heat. But there is plently of shade, and lots of water.





There is a LOT of water. Streams and fountains and waterfalls everywhere.






This was my favorite:





There’s lots of statuary too, and most of it seems to involve nudity or sensual themes.




There’s just something about a garden that makes you want to run around naked, I guess.

After we left the Botanical Gardens, we investigated a little spot called Dragon Park that I’d seen mentioned on a website. It really is a tiny little place, but pretty and interesting.







And Monday we took Luke to see Founders’ Plaza for the first time.


And that’s about it for the summer fun. School starts back up in a couple of weeks. As for my job-related adventures…that’s probably a subject for its own post. Which I will write soon. Probably.

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Wordless Wednesday: Elizabeth Discovers Model Magic

(Click on the dragons for a larger image; the detail is wonderful.)

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Sampler Saturday: Killing The Behemoth

Chapter 13: Killing The Behemoth
by Elizabeth, age 12


“I know these guys!” Espio exclaimed. “Vector! Charmy!”

“Espio!” The two exclaimed.

“You must be headed for the evil warlock lord who banished us here!” Vector said.

“Why yes!” Elizabeth said. “How did you know?”

“We did the same thing, Me, Charmy, Espio…” Vector replied.

“Espio was with us back then!” Charmy exclaimed.

“I’ll explain the rest,” Espio said, “just to make the story clearer:”

“Here comes the exciting part!” Charmy whispered to Vector. Continue reading

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Sampler Saturday: Riddles And Monsters

Riddles And Monsters
By Elizabeth, age 12


The three reentered the castle. Roxie and Espio were still a bit drowsy from what happened with the flute, and Roxie had taken the ring that was in the tree, she said it looked pretty.

They went through the remaining door, which led into a banquet hall, and they were greeted by three doors.

“Let’s go through this one!” Said Espio, pointing to the door to the right at the top of a staircase.

“Good choice.” Elizabeth said, trying to open the locked door.

“It’s locked.” Roxie said. “Try a different one.”

“They’re all locked.” Elizabeth replied, pulling out a bobby pin and inserting it into the keyhole.


‘I was wondering why she packed a bobby pin too…’ Espio thought.

A sphinx lay in the next room, blocking their path. She seemed to be watching their every move…

“Who are you?!?” The sphinx snapped. “No one may pass without answering a riddle!”

“I know that!” Espio exclaimed.

“SILENCE!” And the sphinx pounced on the poor innocent chameleon, nearly crushing the life out of him! Continue reading

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