Sampler Saturday: The Library, The Parlor, The Laboratory, and The Garden

The Library, The Parlor, The Laboratory, and The Garden
by Elizabeth, age 12


“Which way shall we go?” Elizabeth asked.

“First door to the left.” Roxie said.

The first door to the left led into a library. It was a small library, but it was a library. Instead of books as far as the eye could see, there were only two small bookcases.

There was a hole in the wall, small enough for a gem. Elizabeth reached into her bag and pulled out a ruby, and stuck it into the hole. One of the bookcases slid to the side, revealing a secret passageway. The three all walked through.

The passageway led into a small room, complete with a fireplace, a globe, and a rug to sprawl out upon. (Which was just what Espio did.) There was no fire going, but Elizabeth took her torch and cast it into the fireplace. Moments later a warm and cheery fire crackled merrily, applying warmth to the room.

“How would you two like some hot cocoa?” Elizabeth asked, pulling the mugs, hot cocoa mix, thermos, and marshmallows from the supply bag. “I’m making myself some, but I can also make you some if you like. Oh Roxie! I’m so sorry! I brought enough mugs for me and Espio! I didn’t know you’d be joining! I’m so sorry!”

“That’s alright.” Roxie said. “I can share with Espio.” She turned towards Espio, who wasn’t so sure, but he said she could have her share. Continue reading

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Sampler Saturday: Shadowgate

CHAPTER 2: Shadowgate
by Elizabeth, age 11

Elizabeth and Espio exited their safe little hideout and set out for a new adventure. The two had had so many adventures already! From traffic jams (Elizabeth brought some bread and peanut butter, just to be funny), to desert struggles, to quicksand encounters, to the beach.

“This adventure is going to last at least a week, perhaps a month!” Elizabeth said. “So we need to gather four week’s worth of provisions…just in case.”

So the two packed things that they thought they might need — even if they end up not needing it after all — including two swiss army knives (one for dining and one for any-old-time purposes), a flashlight, a bicycle helmet, a roll of scotch tape, some shuriken stars (explosive and non-explosive), a bottle of hand sanitizer, a canteen filled to the brim with water, a sketchpad, a pencil sharpener, five pencils that were so sharp, you could actually bleed if you touched the tips, Elizabeth’s favorite eight-and-a-half-sized sneakers, a pair of boots, an extra pair of Espio’s shoes, Elizabeth’s karaoke machine, a ton of batteries, Elizabeth’s pastel purple bathrobe, a bobby pin, a sleeping bag that could hold up to two people, two pillows, two mugs, some hot cocoa mix, a thermos filled to the brim with hot water, a bag of marshmallows, some kleenex, a matchbox, five emery boards, and a month’s supply of food. Elizabeth’s supplies were put into one bag, Espio’s supplies were put into another bag, supplies that the two would be sharing were put into another bag, food and water were put into another bag.

After Elizabeth and Espio packed their supplies, they headed to the castle Shadowgate, the first stop on their journey.

(This is a very long chapter. Click through to read the whole thing.)

Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Bathtime For Jiggy

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Odds And Ends

These are pictures that don’t quite fit into any particular category. Most of them were just for my own amusement, not for any book or project.

I drew this during one of my annual visits with Dani; I think she was living in Texas at the time:


Tyleet was one of my favorite characters from the comic book series “Elfquest:”


A whimsical “self-portrait,” just for fun:


My horse Stormy, my half-wolf Lakota, and my iguana Khismet all made it into the scene.

I did this one just a few weeks before I met Steve for the first time. Foreshadowing?


This next one was a paid job…sorta. One of Steve’s friends opened a bar (of course) in Anza called “The Wild Rose Saloon.” It had kareoke and a dance floor and sometimes a band, and that was our hangout on the weekends, for the several months that it stayed open. Steve’s friend’s bar did a hopping business, but he was a little fuzzy on that whole paying-his-bills-and-rent issue. Anyway. Right after it opened I was asked to design a logo, and I came up with this one:


By way of payment Steve and I each got a free tee-shirt with the logo on it. I still have mine.

Here’s one that I did for a friend of my sister who was into gargoyles:


And one of the very few projects I did after Elizabeth was born:


And I think that’s about everything blogworthy from the “Miscellaneous” file.

Wordless Wednesday and Love Thursday are coming up, so I’ll probably get back to the retrospective on Friday.

I wonder how much it would cost to install a skylight in my bedroom and make a little art studio area in there. It’s like one more part of my brain just woke up. That’s been happening quite a lot since the separation.

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Sampler Saturday: Special Edition

I know I promised horse portraits today, but I want to share these.

Elizabeth’s room hasn’t had a good cleaning in months…I think it was last spring sometime, pre-separation…and the mess was getting positively epic. So over the past week I’ve been going in there for a few minutes every day while she’s at school, just shoveling trash into a trash bag and toys into toy bins and so on, trying to find the floor.

I did eventually find the floor. I also found a few things that amused me.


This is a pic that for whatever reason never made it into the book, but I love it! That’s Elizabeth in the front car, Buizel the Pokemon right behind her, Dragonite (her AdventureQuest character) next, Yoshi in the fourth car, then Thorn and Dart (both dragons).

Beneath the track is Prizabeth, Elizabeth’s Evil Twin, up to no good as usual.

Then we have this one…


…which speaks for itself.

And then I found this, which just cracked me the heck up:



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