This Is Christmas

On this second day of Christmas I awoke to the welcome sound of rain falling on a thirsty landscape. Shortly after sunrise it turned to snow.

Elizabeth had come in to tell me about the rain, and then crawled into bed with me because the house was chilly. Luke was already snuggled up on my other side.

We’ll spend today decking the halls and keeping the woodstove roaring hot, with holiday music providing a warm soundtrack in the background. Normally we start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but yesterday we’d actually braved the Temecula Black Friday crowds to see a movie (The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I loved but the kids didn’t really get) and to replace our tired old picture-tube tv with a newer model. The crowds actually weren’t bad at all, even at Best Buy. I think we have the dismal economy to thank for that, but I was grateful anyway.

Elizabeth is getting restless; she wants me to stop typing and start clearing off the window seat so we can hang up the garlands and stuff. Guess I should go do that.

Happy Holidays, everyone! May you be wealthy in love and music and just the right amount of snow: the true riches of this season. Like even the Grinch eventually realized, the things that truly matter don’t come from a store. I think that’s a concept we can all embrace as the economy crashes and burns around us.

Remember to hug someone today!

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2 thoughts on “This Is Christmas

  1. kendall

    There, an abundance of love.


  2. vaughn

    Merry Christmas,
    Yes, Materialism is a problem, but those who are courageous and risk now, will be the ones who will be more prosperous when the economy recoveres.
    I believe it will be along time before God has got us to the point where we no longer use money as a means of exchange, but i also know empires rise and fall, Those of our brothers who can will need to do the right thing to take this country to the place where it needs to be, if God keeps it in existence until a divine new order exists on the whole planet, of which we can be apart of. No empire so far has lasted forever, but forward thinking religonists have always worked at having enough resources to continue the lords work wherever there at. I remember my mom or dad talking about Grandpaw’s pastor talking about the endtimes, and now were still here. Maybe the thing to do is remember these times the next time the economy is so rich.
    Love vaughn


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