Adventures in Nepal, Part VI: Paljorling Camp

Emma and Elizabeth stayed with Sabita and Bee Striit from January 15th to the 18th, and then stayed with friends at the Tibetan refugee camp from the 19th to the 28th.

Paljorling camp has a beautiful monastery.

After the girls had settled in, they went into town to get some lunch.

Adorable Emma is adorable.

Apparently the reason why the power lines are such a clusterfuck in Nepal is because when one stops working, they just string a new one up to bypass it instead of searching out the old one and repairing it. Crazy.

This handsome fellow is decorated for a local festival. We can’t find any info on what festival it was, but our best guess is that it was a local version of Kukur Tihar, the Day of the Dog.

Or, as Emma said, “It coulda been a temple dog that had a birthday, for all I know.”

To be continued!

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Weekly Sketch: Eeyore Statue

I had a busy week and not much time to draw, so here’s a quick sketch of the Eeyore Statue in Eastwoods Park:

For scale:

The plaque reads: “This statue commemorates the original Eeyore’s Birthday Party held in Eastwoods Park in May 1964 and is dedicated to Prof. James Ayers, Lloyd W. Birdwell, Jr. and Jean Craver, whose inspiration began a unique Austin tradition. March 2007.”

Eeyore’s Birthday Party outgrew Eastwoods Park in 1974 and is now celebrated at Pease Park. It’s a big event every year. Costumes, drum circles, drugs, good times.

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Adventures in Nepal, Part II: The Road to Pokhara

While I wait for Elizabeth to sort out more favorite photos from the 100 bajillion or so she brought back, here are more impressions from the bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

One thing that struck Elizabeth about Nepalese culture is that there are corporate logos literally everywhere. She got the impression that many of them aren’t even paid advertising, people just like the designs and paint them on their stuff. One example was this small Shiva shrine, which had Castrol Oil logos on the sides and back:

Another thing was the haphazard way structures there are built anywhere they can be squeezed in, seemingly out of whatever materials are on hand.

Tata freight trucks. Like everything else about Nepal, they are bright and colorful.

Breakfast smoothie on a pit stop.

Snowy Annapurna Massif in the far background, the section of the Himalayas that borders Nepal.

Adorable Elizabeth is adorable.

And finally, they arrived at the home of family friends, Sabita and her son Bee Striit.

By happy coincidence, they arrived on Emma’s 23rd birthday! Sabita was ready with a beautiful Ganesha cake and traditional trimmings.

What a warm and gracious welcome!

More to come!

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Weekly Sketch: Pixel Bernie

I was working on a grasshopper sketch to post today, but yesterday’s win in New Hampshire inspired me to draw this today:

It’s based on the little candidate animations that The Guardian used in 2016 for its election results map:

I’m feeling excited and hopeful today. Remember to vote in your state’s primary, it’s so important this year!

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Merry Christmas!

The secret to getting hand-drawn Christmas cards designed, assembled and mailed out on time when you work in retail is to start them around June and have them finished and ready to mail by Thanksgiving. I think I need to start doing my gift shopping/making that way too.

Merry Christmas!

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