Adventures in Nepal XVIII: Swayambunath, the Monkey Temple

January 29 was Emma and Elizabeth’s last full day in Nepal. They started with breakfast at the hotel and exploring the hotel grounds.

Good advice for us all:

Emma’s mom had arranged for the girls to have a guided tour of Kathmandu. They were both feeling better after a good night’s sleep, but to be on the safe side they opted to wear masks for the remainder of the trip.

The first stop was Swayambunath, the “Monkey Temple.”

The monkeys of Swayambunath are considered holy. According to Buddhist lore, Manjushri —- the bodhisattva of wisdom and learning who raised the hill that the stupa is on —- let his hair grow long. He got head lice, and the lice transformed into the monkeys.

Overlooking smoggy Kathmandu:

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Nepal XVIII: Swayambunath, the Monkey Temple

  1. akshiitaawonder

    Good morning ma’am,
    I am really surprised by the fact that the monkeys were comfortable when you took their photograph and even fed them. I still remeber my vain attempt to click a photo of the baby monkey I saw in Nainital. It was awful when I had to escape form their because the baby’s parents were very offended. Lol !
    The blog is very well presented and captures all the aspects of Nepal. Thank you for creating this blog.Even in lockdown your redaers are getting the experience of traveling to Monkey temple.
    Thank you for your time,
    Have a nice day ma’am.


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