Sampler Saturday: Star Trek Edition

Elizabeth and Dialga find themselves drifting in space, and cross the path of a familiar starship….






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It’s Funnier If You Read It Aloud

Luke has picked up Elizabeth’s penchant for writing stories in comic-book format, and like her he populates his tales with characters from movies, tv shows, books, etc.

This is Otto Matic, one of Luke’s favorite “borrowed” characters:


Otto was the hero of a cool game that was on my last Mac, and now he’s the hero of countless adventures on the pages of Luke’s comic books. What makes it really funny is that in Luke’s world there are shops that sell “Otto Parts” and Otto drives the “Otto-Mobile,” and so on. It always makes me laugh when Luke is playing or drawing and he says with great dramatic emphasis, “TO THE OTTO-MOBILE!!”

You know, because it sounds like automobile. I’m easily entertained.

But I’m not the only one! Elizabeth produced this awesome bit of commentary this morning:



Snarkalicious proof that she is a true child of mine.

Not sure which side of the family the wings, tail, ears and horn come from though.

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Wordless Wednesday: A Frame From “Elizabeth And The Chocolate Factory”


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Sampler Saturday: Special Edition

I know I promised horse portraits today, but I want to share these.

Elizabeth’s room hasn’t had a good cleaning in months…I think it was last spring sometime, pre-separation…and the mess was getting positively epic. So over the past week I’ve been going in there for a few minutes every day while she’s at school, just shoveling trash into a trash bag and toys into toy bins and so on, trying to find the floor.

I did eventually find the floor. I also found a few things that amused me.


This is a pic that for whatever reason never made it into the book, but I love it! That’s Elizabeth in the front car, Buizel the Pokemon right behind her, Dragonite (her AdventureQuest character) next, Yoshi in the fourth car, then Thorn and Dart (both dragons).

Beneath the track is Prizabeth, Elizabeth’s Evil Twin, up to no good as usual.

Then we have this one…


…which speaks for itself.

And then I found this, which just cracked me the heck up:



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Sampler Saturday: On Hiatus

A while back I made the decision to ration Elizabeth’s paper use. I feared that she was going to singlehandedly finish off the rainforests, plus I was tired of picking up rejected drawings that she’d left all over every surface of the house like a layer of snow. So back in August I handed her a 500-sheet pack of copy paper and told her that it would have to last her until Christmas Vacation. If she used it up before then she’d just have to do without.

It’s already gone, of course, and she’s resorted to drawing her comics on lined school paper. That has to last her till Christmas too, so once she’s out of the writing paper I’m not sure what she’s planning to use for schoolwork. I suppose there’s a Life Lesson in there somwhere.

Anyway. The comics don’t look nearly as snazzy on the lined paper.

See? Just not the same. Not blog-quality, as it were.

So we’re going to take a break from the Sampler Saturday thing until Elizabeth gets her next four-month (HA) ration of drawing paper. We will resume in late December or early January with fresh comics for your viewing pleasure.

See you then!

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