Sampler Saturday: On Hiatus

A while back I made the decision to ration Elizabeth’s paper use. I feared that she was going to singlehandedly finish off the rainforests, plus I was tired of picking up rejected drawings that she’d left all over every surface of the house like a layer of snow. So back in August I handed her a 500-sheet pack of copy paper and told her that it would have to last her until Christmas Vacation. If she used it up before then she’d just have to do without.

It’s already gone, of course, and she’s resorted to drawing her comics on lined school paper. That has to last her till Christmas too, so once she’s out of the writing paper I’m not sure what she’s planning to use for schoolwork. I suppose there’s a Life Lesson in there somwhere.

Anyway. The comics don’t look nearly as snazzy on the lined paper.

See? Just not the same. Not blog-quality, as it were.

So we’re going to take a break from the Sampler Saturday thing until Elizabeth gets her next four-month (HA) ration of drawing paper. We will resume in late December or early January with fresh comics for your viewing pleasure.

See you then!

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2 thoughts on “Sampler Saturday: On Hiatus

  1. julia

    Check out the last link on the Possibly Related Posts List!!:>O But not literally!


  2. Debora

    Yikes! I clicked on the link…it’s definitely not child-friendly, folks.


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