Wordless Wednesday: Elizabeth’s First Sewing Project

[I know this is supposed to be wordless, but I want to mention two quick things. One, Elizabeth seriously didn’t even know how to sew when we started this thing, and by the end she was doing it all on her own; and two, we didn’t have any sort of pattern to go by so we had to make it up as we went along, and Elizabeth is a freaking genius when it comes to artistic improvisation. That is all.]

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Sampler Saturday: The Cheeseburger War

I could fill pages trying to explain the story behind this pic, or just post it and let you make of it what you will:

Click on the image for a much larger version (you can see more of the details, and there are a lot to see).

Death to cheeseburgers!

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Sampler Saturday: When Dust Bunnies Attack!

This is Espio The Chameleon:

He’s the newest addition to the cast of characters in Elizabeth’s comics.

Here’s an excerpt from a cute story about Elizabeth (and friends) trying to clean her bedroom.

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My New Toy

First of all, I LOVE the Corel Painter software that came with my Wacom tablet. It is the perfect program for creating high-quality digital artwork. This is exactly what I need.

Sadly, it won’t run properly on my computer. I think my Mac needs more internal memory to satisfy the software’s voracious appetite. (Funny, a whole gigabyte of RAM seemed like so MUCH two years ago when I bought it.) Anyway, I guess one of these days I need to get to a computer place and get my Mac’s memory upgraded, and then I can get serious with the learning.

Meanwhile, the tablet also came with some fun Photoshop software that runs fine on my current system. It’s not really the thing for creating digital masterpieces from scratch, but it has a nice “sketchbook” function that I’m using to get the hang of drawing with my tablet pen. And when I’m feeling whimsical I can use the program’s built-in special effects filters to goof around with photos. I can turn Elizabeth into a graphic novel character…


…or shrink-wrap Luke to the wall when he gets too noisy!



I’m going to have to start limiting the amount of time I spend working (okay, playing) with this thing though; I tend to keep at it until my eyes are too strained to focus and/or my retinas are bleeding. Not healthy. I need to set aside a certain amount of time each day, like from noon to 2:30 when the light is good and my eyes don’t have to work so hard, and only work on it then. Which sounds great in theory, but I’m not sure I actually have that much self-discipline.

Guess I’ll find out!

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Sampler Saturday: Elizabeth and Dialga’s Car Wash Adventure

Apparently armor doesn’t count as clothing. But I’m not sure it counts as “naked” either….












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