Grasshoppers Are Cool

This weekend’s safari trail sighting: just the llama this time.


Yesterday I showed the kids the paved trail system I discovered last week. Elizabeth said that my pics don’t do justice to the size of the power poles, so here is another one for scale:


When the kids and I moved here this summer and first started exploring, there were grasshoppers freaking everywhere. I tried and tried to get a photo of one, but they were very skittish and never let me get close enough. Now that it’s fall there aren’t as many around, but the ones I do see seem completely fearless. So I feel kind of obligated to snap a pic of every one that I find.



Is it weird that I think they’re beautiful? I love the detail on their little exoskeletons. Maybe I’ll dedicate a race of aliens to them in my book, there’s always room for one more.

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