Sampler Saturday

Due to popular demand, Elizabeth’s artwork and comics will be making regular appearances here on the blog!

My first thought was to post her comic books in their entirety, a page or two at a time, but in all honesty I don’t think her storylines are sophisticated enough yet to work well in a serial format. Also, she’d have fifteen new books written/drawn in the time it took me to post one whole story. Prolificacy, thy name is Elizabeth.

So instead I’ve decided to pick my favorite bit from each week’s output, and offer those here every Saturday as a regular weekly feature. I chose this week’s excerpt from “Dragon, Book II” not because it contains any particularly remarkable art, but just because I like the story it tells.

It’s interesting to me that in all of Elizabeth’s drawings, the people are depicted as nearly featureless stick figures while the animals are rendered in loving detail. Hmmmm….

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2 thoughts on “Sampler Saturday

  1. kendall

    ” loving details ” for those things you love.


  2. dsilkotch

    And featureless stick figures for those things you politely tolerate, apparently. ;^)


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