I Wonder If She Says “I Told You!” To His Gravestone.

I thought about saving this for Wordless Wednesday and just posting a pic of the cover, but I couldn’t bring myself to let the mocking stop there.

I found it in the last shed I cleaned out:

It’s from August 1972.

It contains, amongst the highly conjectural and grammatically-flexible celeb gossip:

9 ads for breast enhancement products/programs. Ah, the good old days when all a girl needed to be happy and successful and popular were really big boobs!

9 ads for various weight loss methods, including 3 for rubber bodysuits that one zipped oneself into. Fun!!

8 ads for stylin’ threads like these…

Oh yeah. Flaunt it, ladies.

8 ads for the really attractive stuff like tampons, douches, Midol, depilatories and hemorrhoid creme. ‘Cause we all wanted to see those.

5 cigarette ads, nearly all full-page and aimed right at women. “Made for the lady with taste!” Yes indeedy.

And of course, the obligatory half-page ad for sea monkeys.

A bowl full of happiness! I want a bowl full of happiness!!

Wait…no…I want a bowl full of Häagen-Dazs.

And maybe some bigger boobs, so I can be all successful and popular.

Thank goodness I have Motion Picture Magazine to show me the way.

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2 thoughts on “I Wonder If She Says “I Told You!” To His Gravestone.

  1. Anonymous

    Thats classic! Im surprised though that it didn’t have the add where doctors recommend smoking to relieve stress.


  2. David

    Oops, that last comments from me.


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