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Rallying Texas

Austin’s Bernie Sanders rally absolutely packed Auditorium Shores last Sunday. Elizabeth had to work that day, but Luke and I got there early and scored a spot up front.

He had four Texas rallies over the weekend: El Paso and San Antonio on Saturday, Austin and Houston on Sunday. I guess I expected him to look a little tired, given the demands of his campaign schedule. He did not look tired. He looked focused, determined, optimistic.

I need to learn how to takes selfies, I’m so bad at it.

Marianne Williamson made a surprise appearance with a really lovely endorsement.

Pretty night for a revolution!

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Weekly Sketch: Pixel Bernie

I was working on a grasshopper sketch to post today, but yesterday’s win in New Hampshire inspired me to draw this today:

It’s based on the little candidate animations that The Guardian used in 2016 for its election results map:

I’m feeling excited and hopeful today. Remember to vote in your state’s primary, it’s so important this year!

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Friendly Reminder

I’ve always kept politics off my blog, but this year I feel strongly enough about our options and their potential consequences to break that rule.

The primary elections are underway. It is so important that you get out and vote. Yes, you. Find out when and where to vote in your state, and go make your voice heard.


I stand with Bernie Sanders. If you don’t know why, I urge you to learn about him and what he stands for. Here is a great article to get you started.

You can learn more about his policies at his website.

If you live in a Super Tuesday state, tomorrow is your big day. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference.

Let’s do this!

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