Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch: Back in Business

My new Apple Pencil arrived today! I get to make real art again! For now, here’s a quick sketch of a filly scratching her nose, because it’s a school night and if I stay up late playing with my new toy I’ll regret it tomorrow.

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Weekly Sketch: Fingerscribble

Another busy week, another quick iPad “finger sketch.” I’ve got tons of ideas for real drawings, but they have to wait until my new Pencil arrives.

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Weekly Sketch: Fingerpaint

So much going on I forgot to do a sketch this week, and now I’m away from my pencils and paper, and my new iPad is incompatible with my 1st gen Apple Pencil. So while I wait for the newer pencil to arrive, the best I can do is this digital “fingerpainting” of a horse. The week’s not quite over yet, right?

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Weekly Sketch: Pen and Ink (Unfinished)

I rage-quit this one before it was finished, because the pen was all wrong for the job.

I haven’t had any drawing pens on hand for years, so I asked Elizabeth if I could borrow one of hers for this week’s sketch. She gave me two, knowing full well that I would probably lose both of them before the week was up. Losing pens is my superpower.

Elizabeth draws comics. She uses one kind of pen, the Pilot G-2. Turns out she likes that particular pen for the binary nature of its ink flow: it is either drawing a line or it is not. Pressure or lack thereof does not make thicker or thinner lines, there is no “bold” option, no faint translucent shading. It is incompatible with my drawing style.

I gave up when I got to the horse’s head and could not draw fine lines. I won’t be doing any more inkwork unless I get inspired to buy some pens. I gave Elizabeth’s abominations back to her.

Well, one of them. I have no idea what happened to the other pen.

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Weekly Sketch: Old School Bunny

My water-damaged iPad has settled into a limbo state where I can charge the battery, adjust the volume (as evidenced by how loud the “connected to power” chime sounds) and sync it with my MacBook, but the screen is completely black and unresponsive. It’s out of warranty, so Apple will charge almost the cost of a new iPad to service it. And with the Apple Stores closed down for the pandemic, I can’t even just go pick up a new one. Soooo, I’ll be going old-school with my sketches for the next few weeks.

Here is a bunny. I like bunnies.

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