Sampler Saturday: The Library, The Parlor, The Laboratory, and The Garden

The Library, The Parlor, The Laboratory, and The Garden
by Elizabeth, age 12


“Which way shall we go?” Elizabeth asked.

“First door to the left.” Roxie said.

The first door to the left led into a library. It was a small library, but it was a library. Instead of books as far as the eye could see, there were only two small bookcases.

There was a hole in the wall, small enough for a gem. Elizabeth reached into her bag and pulled out a ruby, and stuck it into the hole. One of the bookcases slid to the side, revealing a secret passageway. The three all walked through.

The passageway led into a small room, complete with a fireplace, a globe, and a rug to sprawl out upon. (Which was just what Espio did.) There was no fire going, but Elizabeth took her torch and cast it into the fireplace. Moments later a warm and cheery fire crackled merrily, applying warmth to the room.

“How would you two like some hot cocoa?” Elizabeth asked, pulling the mugs, hot cocoa mix, thermos, and marshmallows from the supply bag. “I’m making myself some, but I can also make you some if you like. Oh Roxie! I’m so sorry! I brought enough mugs for me and Espio! I didn’t know you’d be joining! I’m so sorry!”

“That’s alright.” Roxie said. “I can share with Espio.” She turned towards Espio, who wasn’t so sure, but he said she could have her share.

The water in the thermos was still very hot, and Elizabeth poured one third into her mug, and poured the rest into the other mug. She added the mix and stirred, then added the marshmallows.

The three enjoyed their hot cocoa. Espio ate all the marshmallows in his mug, (Roxie didn’t want them) while Elizabeth sat and thought her thoughts.
‘Things sure have changed ever since Roxie joined the team. I guess we’re not a duo anymore… We’re a trio! And as long as Espio’s fine with that, I’m fine with that, that’s the way it has to be.’

She looked at Espio and Roxie, who had fallen asleep on the rug. ‘Let sleeping chameleons lie.’ Elizabeth thought, following suit.

* * *

Early the next morning the three woke up, packed up, and headed for the next room. Elizabeth put on her bathrobe for warmth, and Espio and Roxie huddled close.

They went through the second door to the left, which led into a laboratory.

There were bottles and test tubes on the shelves, a horseshoe above a passageway in the “fireplace”, a stone that lab animals could be chained to, and a green cauldron with a green funnel. Espio was brave enough to drink the cauldron’s contents! He instantly transformed into a very big dragon! (But Elizabeth gave him the ability to change back.) There was a mesh door that neither Elizabeth, or Roxie, or even Espio dared to open. The three started picking the shelves clean, though.

Elizabeth lifted the stone that animals could be chained to, which concealed a bottle of Holy Water, and took the whole entire bottle.

The three went through the passageway, which led into a beautiful garden. There was a fountain (which spewed acidic water), and a small wooden flute floated on top.

“Roxie,” Elizabeth said, “You know that silver gauntlet that you found?”

“Yeah…” Roxie said.

“I’m gonna need that gauntlet. could you hand it to me please?”

“Uh, okay.”

“Thanks.” Elizabeth slipped the gauntlet over her hand and reached for the flute. The acidic water didn’t affect the gauntlet, so Elizabeth managed to remove the flute with no problem.

She washed the acid off the flute and put it to her lips. The music that came out was very hypnotic; it put Espio and Roxie to sleep!

When they finally woke up, there was a hole a tree, which had not been there before. Inside, there was a ring topped with a shimmering, black sapphire that appeared in a different color in the right light.

“What the heck just happened?” Espio asked, rubbing his head.

“This flute…” Elizabeth said, holding the small, wooden flute. “…put you right to sleep!”

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