Sampler Saturday: Killing The Behemoth

Chapter 13: Killing The Behemoth
by Elizabeth, age 12


“I know these guys!” Espio exclaimed. “Vector! Charmy!”

“Espio!” The two exclaimed.

“You must be headed for the evil warlock lord who banished us here!” Vector said.

“Why yes!” Elizabeth said. “How did you know?”

“We did the same thing, Me, Charmy, Espio…” Vector replied.

“Espio was with us back then!” Charmy exclaimed.

“I’ll explain the rest,” Espio said, “just to make the story clearer:”

“Here comes the exciting part!” Charmy whispered to Vector.

“So anyway,” Espio began, “Charmy, Vector, and I were just walking along… then Charmy pointed to this castle! We all decided to give the castle a try, and we were doing fine until we got to the room we are in now.”

“That’s when we get captured!” Charmy whispered.

“I, being a chameleon, managed to escape!” Espio continued. “Vector and Charmy don’t have the kind of skin that I have, so they couldn’t escape.”

“Evil monsters captured us!” Charmy yelled.

“I ran for my life!” Espio exclaimed. “I didn’t stop until I reached a safe-looking spot!”

Suddenly a flashback came into Elizabeth’s mind! Elizabeth and Espio’s life together all started when she had found Espio next to a large boulder, meditating or something. When Espio woke up, he was a little freaked out, but when five minutes passed, he finally found out that Elizabeth wasn’t going to hurt him, and he admitted that now nobody was around to take care of him, so Elizabeth took him home.

The two had built themselves a house, and they took turns preparing meals every day. Living together was quite unusual, but they each thought that it felt good to have someone to keep you company, someone to cheer you up when you felt sad, someone to tend to your wounds. Over time, Elizabeth and Espio had become great friends.

“So!” Vector said. “We gonna take on the warlock lord or what?”

“Yes!” Elizabeth replied.

The five of them, Elizabeth, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Roxie, spread out one hand and joined fingertips while in a way, stacking one hand onto another, then walked over to the well. Elizabeth asked Roxie for the bag of gold and opened it up. She pulled out a big coin and dropped it into the well. A huge gust of wind erupted from within!

“Let’s go!” Elizabeth said, jumping into the well. The other four watched as the wind gently carried her down.

“We got nothing to lose but our lives unless we follow her!” Espio exclaimed, following suit.

Finally Vector, Charmy, and Roxie jumped into the well and they met Elizabeth and Espio down below, standing on a sort of sandy beach.

There was a gong and a mallet in sight, and Elizabeth gave the mallet a good swing, striking the gong, summoning a ferryman on a small raft. He held out his hand and asked for a fare.

Roxie pulled out a gold coin and gave it to the ferryman, who quickly led them aboard.

When they reached the opposite bank, Elizabeth asked Roxie for the talisman she had swiped on the turret earlier.

Elizabeth carefully placed the talisman in a small gap, below a sword pattern. She then pulled out the platinum horn she had found in the hellhound room, and blew.

There was a giant stone skull on the wall, and it slowly opened its mouth, showing the way to the next room!

The five found themselves inside a cavern, and there on a ledge overlooking a cliff, stood the evil warlock lord, Lord Wachamaycallhim.

A huge monster arose from the depths below, a monster known as the behemoth!

Everyone’s stomach knotted up as they stared at the huge beast.

“I don’t believe it!” Vector exclaimed. Charmy and Roxie screamed and hid. Espio pulled out a shuriken star and stood there, poised to strike. Elizabeth held up the Staff of Ages and launched a fiery beam just as the monster made an angry swipe…

Wailing in agony, the behemoth grabbed Lord Wachamaycallhim and descended into the dark depths of a chasm. There was a loud thud, then all was quiet.

It was Charmy who broke the silence.

“BYE MONSTER!!” He screamed into the deep, dark abyss.

His voice seemed to echo. “ster…ster…ter…er….er………er”

“Well…” Roxie said. “What now? And where will I live? I’ve been living in the castle since I was a baby. That dragon! The one you killed! He taught me the human lingo! He taught me all the words in their language! He warned me of which words I was not allowed to say! I owe it all to him! But I started to feel sick from lack of sunlight!”

“Whoa…” Elizabeth said. “He taught you to walk and talk and everything?”

“Yes!” Roxie replied.

“Ahem…” Espio stepped up. “Elizabeth didn’t kill the dragon… I did!”

“Thank you!” Roxie replied. “I was, after all, getting sick, and the dragon wouldn’t even let me go!”

“I’m starving!” Vector exclaimed, changing the subject.

Elizabeth reached into her food-and-water bag and pulled out the nicely-preserved food, and everyone began to dine.

“Here, catch!” Elizabeth said, throwing Espio an apple.

“Thanks!” He said, taking a bite.

Moments later, a strange purple light filled the cavern.

“The morning sun.” Espio said. “It is over.”

When he had finished, Espio tossed his apple core into the chasm and lay down.

“You know,” Elizabeth said, “once the villain has been killed, there’s no more climax, no more plot, no more story to tell.”

“Wanna try and make a new story?” Espio asked.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth replied.

“How about another adventure?”

“I dunno, Espio. It’s supposed to be a nice day tomorrow, and I would just like to kick back, relax, and enjoy it.”

“Well, alright.”

The five then got up and began their long journey home.


Here Ends Elizabeth And Espio, Book I

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