Little Bear Creek Trails, Part II

Eight months after we first discovered the string of parks along Little Bear Creek, we finally made it back to explore the next stretch of trails.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.01.50 PM

Parts of McCormick Park are flooded from all the recent rains. Picnic, anyone?


Most of the parks and trails are clear and dry, though. I’m always freshly impressed by these little pockets of natural beauty tucked in amongst the freeways and housing tracts of the Metroplex.



Didn’t see any official park signs today. Here’s a sorta-sign to make it a sorta-official addition to the collection:


I like that this trail system uses underpasses for major road crossings.


We found a fun jointed balance beam on one of the many playgrounds.



And I got my very first semi-successful photo of a Texas Cardinal! It’s blurry but squarely in frame, which is the best I’ve managed to accomplish so far with this elusive bird.


The squirrels weren’t shy at all today.


This is my favorite trail system in the HEB area so far. Absolutely gorgeous.


We’ll be back to explore more of it!

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