Water Tower

The big elevated water towers all over DFW are still a novelty to me. I don’t recall ever seeing one in California, but they’re everywhere here. I think they look like alien spacecraft.


The one in that pic isn’t far from where we’re living; I always enjoy getting a glimpse of it when I’m out and about. I’ve started snapping pics of it during my walks, even when the rest of the view isn’t particulary photogenic.




Gotta love those perpetually-under-construction freeways. Here’s the same tower behind Luke’s school:


The tower itself is in a residential area. I think I’d feel like aliens were always peering over my shoulder if I lived that close to it.



Anyway, a forecast of showers turning to sleet and freezing rain scuttled the plans the kids and I had for today, since they involved freeway driving and that’s scary enough when the roads aren’t icy. We decided to go on a short walking expedition instead, to find out how close we could get to the water tower.


Luke spent most of the walk grumbling that I had promised him warm winters in Texas. For the record, I had promised him milder winters than the ones in Anza. So far that’s been the case.




This is as close as we could get before we hit a fence and had to turn back:


So, almost right to the base of it. There was a locked gate with a sign that had information about the tower. Fun fact: the tank holds 2 million gallons of water!

Aside from a cold, misty rain, the day was gorgeous.



I didn’t get to visit Mahogany this week, it’s been too cold and wet. Hoping for sunny weather next weekend.

I’ll close this post with a pic of the breezeway between the Library and City Hall in Colleyville. I’m not sure why I love that building so much, I just think it’s wonderful.


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