O Nordmann, How Lovely Are Your Branches

One of our family traditions is to buy a living Christmas tree in a planter, use it for two or three years, and then plant it outside when it gets too big to haul in and out of the house. Six or seven years ago we discovered the Ideal Tree: a smallish Nordmann Fir. It had beautiful soft “needles” that weren’t needly or prickly at all, so our hands didn’t get scratched up when we were stringing the lights on and hanging the ornaments. It was the perfect shade of dark holly green. It wasn’t quite as elegant as a Noble Fir, but it was much, much less expensive than that princely species. It was a friendly, charming tree and we loved it. I think it lasted for three Christmases before it outgrew its pot and had to be planted out in the yard. Here’s a current picture of good old Nordmann:

I’d love to have one of those every year, but for some reason they’re ridiculously hard to find. Usually we have to settle for spruces, which are prickly, and sometimes we have to settle for Blue Spruces, which are prickly and also the wrong color and clash with our decorations. But every year we search diligently for a Nordmann Fir, preferably a smallish one that can be reused for a few years.

And yesterday: SUCCESS!

It’s the perfect size: a little over five feet tall including the planter, which means it shouldn’t need to be planted out until 2013 at the earliest. It is soft and friendly-looking and charming and I love it.

Welcome to the family, little Nordmann II. May you grace our home for many Christmases to come, and our yard for a few hundred years after that.

Happy Love Thursday, All! What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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4 thoughts on “O Nordmann, How Lovely Are Your Branches

  1. Awesome. Just awesome. What a wonderful reminder of the holidays all year round. =)

    We are still trying to find our holiday tradition. One year, we did an advent calendar, another year, we tried to open up one small gift a day in December. I hope to find a simple, wonderful “thing” for the holidays before Cal becomes and adult.=)


    • Debora

      How old is Cal now? I find that my kids appreciate traditions more the older they get. It’s fun to try new things every year too…some stick and some don’t. I think kids just like the together time most of all. :^)


  2. Mia

    It’s hard to say what one tradition we have. We do a Christmas Disney run and hit all the holiday decked out rides, finishing with a hot beverage and a gingerbread Mickey. We get so very busy with birthdays thrown in too. Now with school…uggh!
    I think perhaps our tradition is to have the tree lights on first thing every morning for everyone to wake up to. It’s nice…

    But not at soft, green and matching 😉


    • Debora

      Someday when I’m rich we shall have the super-deluxe annual Disneyland passes. Until then I’ll just be over here sighing with envy. :^)

      We love the lights, they’re one of our favorite things about Christmas! With us it’s window-seat-lights and dining-room-hutch-lights for most of December. The tree can’t come in until a week before Christmas, because it sits basically right next to the woodstove and we don’t like to put it through that kind of heat-stress for too long.


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