Sampler Saturday: Dashing Through The Snow…

…In a one-Dialga open sleigh…

Elizabeth contributed the artwork for this year’s Christmas card:

I can only mail this one out to the people who will understand the funny; the rest will have to get regular store-bought cards this year.

I might frame my copy. It’s distilled essence of 12-year-old Elizabeth, a snapshot of her inner world right now, decked in Christmas cheer.

Happy Winter Holiday of Choice, Internet! May it be merry and bright!

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6 thoughts on “Sampler Saturday: Dashing Through The Snow…

  1. Anonymous

    Oh.. my.. that’s wonderful.


  2. Mia

    It’s too special! How cool and wonderfully childlike confident! I miss the fearless days of just drawing w/o obsessing over!


    • Debora

      I know, me too!

      Lately I’ve come to appreciate personal handmade gifts from loved ones even more than store-bought stuff, so I’m trying to get over my own self-critiquing and find meaningful gifts that I can make and give, to maybe help revive that old-fashioned custom.

      I think this means I’m officially old, though.


  3. The kid is some kind of genius, obviously.

    This is truly impressive. I am still figuring out how to put all the letters in “Elizabeth” in the right order.


    • Debora

      Hah, too funny! I know better though — you have mad writing talent!

      And thanks. :^) I think my girl is destined for greatness, but it’s possible that I am somewhat biased.


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