Yesterday afternoon there was a 7.2 quake centered in Baja, about 160 miles south of us. It lasted a good 30-40 seconds and felt (here in Anza) like the rolling of a ship at sea.

(Click for larger image)

Alas, I was offline yesterday and missed out on the Twitter frenzy. (Yes, I’ve finally embraced the Tweetverse, though mostly as an observer. Resistance is futile.) I’m giggling this morning as I catch up on all the updates. My favorite, from geekmaster Wil Wheaton: “These so-called ‘scientists’ keep talking about the earthquake. I’m waiting for noted Theological Seismologist Pat Robertson to weigh in.” Snerk.

Anyway, no damage here, and today it’s raining, which is unrelated but always worthy of note in Anza. Rain is good. Grow little plants, grow!

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