Sampler Saturday: Tricks And Traps

CHAPTER 12: Tricks And Traps
by Elizabeth, age 12

“I shall give you the gift of telepathy!” Elizabeth said to Espio.

‘Let’s go!’ Espio telepathesized. ‘Hop on! There’s not much time!’

Elizabeth and Roxie climbed onto Espio’s back and he took to the air. Espio landed safely on a turret and turned back into a chameleon. All three of them, Elizabeth, Espio, Roxie, rushed into the castle, Elizabeth stopping only to pick up one of the blue dragon’s shimmering scales, which had fallen off during combat. She put it in her pocket and continued on.

Elizabeth, Espio, and Roxie still had several more rooms to enter and explore. They finally entered a hallway with two doorways. One led out to a balcony. Elizabeth pulled out her lightning rod and placed it into a hole, one that looked like it was meant for the rod, and stepped back! Instantly another hole formed at her feet and a skeletal hand arose holding a sort of wand. There seemed to be a serpent carved right on it.

Espio and Roxie looked a little freaked out, but Elizabeth took the wand and the hand descended back into place. She looked at the wand, then at Espio. “I know where this goes. Be right back.”

“Good luck.” Espio replied.

“You too!” And she left.

Meanwhile, Espio and Roxie stood on the balcony. They looked around and walked down a staircase onto the rest of the balcony, where there was a pot of gold and a single bag.

Roxie took the bag and headed for the pot of gold. Espio quickly grabbed her tail. “It could be a trap!” he said.

Then without warning, the stones that the balcony was made of immediately crumbled beneath them and they fell…

… and the two managed to grab on to what was left! Roxie managed to climb up and save herself, but had to escape because more of the stones crumbled…

Hanging by his long, pink tongue, Espio managed to save himself once again! But enough was enough! He had to telepathesize to Elizabeth! ‘Elizabeth! I am in dire peril! Please help me!’

Moments later, Elizabeth was flying at top speed, just as more of the balcony stones crumbled and Espio fell again!

Elizabeth managed to catch him in her arms, though.

“Thanks!” he said. “And, hey, what’s that you got there?”

Elizabeth looked down at a staff in her hands. “This thing?” she asked. “That, Espio, is a staff. There are three pieces to the staff, and we only have two of them.”

They gently landed on what was left of the balcony (where they were greeted by Roxie) and headed into the castle quickly. Elizabeth pulled out the golden blade that she had picked up in the room with the wolf lady, and slid it onto the staff, where it locked into place.

“C’mon!” Elizabeth said. “We only have one more piece to find! Follow me!”

They went into the other door, whee they were greeted by a king. He was long dead now, just a motionless skeleton. Elizabeth looked for the scepter she had found in the coffin room, and carefully put it in the king’s dead, skeletal hand.

At that moment, a design on a pillar slid down to reveal a ring-shaped hole! Elizabeth asked Roxie for the ring that she had found in the garden, and when Roxie gave Elizabeth the ring, Elizabeth put it into the hole, and the royal throne moved to reveal a secret passageway. The three quickly hurried down into it, and were greeted by two doors. One led to the left, the other, straight ahead.

Espio walked toward the passageway to the left, and when a large slab of stone loosened up, Espio dived into the passage, the stone slab just barely missing his tail, and the poor chameleon was sealed in!

“Espio!” Elizabeth yelled, rushing to the slab. Dust and small stones fell to the ground from the cracks in the walls and ceiling, meaning the rest of the passageway would collapse.

“We can’t just stay here,” Elizabeth said. “but we can’t leave Espio here either. Espio! See if you can find a way out!”

“Roger!” Espio replied. He threw one of his explosive shuriken stars and it exploded when it hit the stone slab. Then Espio emerged.

“Run!” Elizabeth yelled. “This place is gonna collapse any minute now! We gotta get outta here! Fast!!”

The three ran out into the next room, where there were two doorways, and two gargoyles guarding one. Elizabeth, Espio, and Roxie ran into the one that the gargoyles were not guarding, which led into a room filled with hot lava!! The only parts that were safe to walk on were a stone walkway, with a stone demon in the center.

“Motari Riseth!” Elizabeth yelled.

The stone statue sank, and another walkway formed. Walking along it, Espio asked, “How do you know all these spells?”

Elizabeth replied, “I’ve played a game based on this.”

The three made their way into another room. There was a big hole in the ground, a large cylinder hanging by a chain, and three levers on the wall.

Elizabeth walked over to the three levers and lowered the right lever…

Then lowered the central lever…

Then raised the right lever…

Then the large cylinder opened up, revealing a silver orb!

Elizabeth took the orb and slid it onto the staff. The room seemed to light up as the orb locked into place! “We have all three pieces now.” she said.

Espio looked down into the deep, dark pit in the ground. He picked up a pebble and dropped it into the pit, waiting for a sound. There was a sound when the pebble landed, and it was not a very good one!

First a rumble…

Then a growl…

Then something climbed up into view!

Elizabeth grabbed Espio and Roxie and ran.

The monster made an angry swipe at the three! Thankfully, before the monster made any accurate hits, Espio jumped out in front, grabbed Elizabeth and Roxie’s hands, and JUMPED, completely dodging the blow!

The three quickly dashed out of the room as the monster slammed his giant fists on the ground!

Espio lost his balance halfway across the bridge, Elizabeth having to catch him in order to save him from a fiery death!

They ran faster! When they got to the gargoyles, Elizabeth quickly said, “Instantum Illumina!” and ran into the next room, the room the gargoyles were guarding!

There was a well in the next room. A well and a locked door.

“I wonder what’s in the next room.” Espio said.

“Use your head?” Elizabeth asked.

Moments later, Elizabeth and Roxie were charging at top speed, carrying Espio who was wailing, “BUT I DON’T WANNA USE MY HEAD!!!!


The three were laying there, in a heap, Espio suffering from a splitting headache, in front of an open door!

Two voices were being heard from inside.

“*Gasp!* Light! I see light!” exclaimed a squeaky voice.

“We’re saved!” exclaimed a gruff voice.

Blinking from the light, out stepped two fine young gentlemen: a six-year-old bee…

…and a twenty-year-old crocodile.

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