False Spring, Hollow Trees and Flying Monkeys

The kids are out of school for “Presidents’ Week,” and the weather has turned gloriously springlike, so Elizabeth requested a trip to Riverside. I love that my kids are getting to play in my old stomping grounds; I get nostalgia and family outings all wrapped up together!

After all the winter rains, Riverside looked like Ireland.

Our first stop was Mt. Rubidoux, of course.

We took a different route when we came down the mountain this time, and got to see some new stuff. This tree was a mystery to us: it’s completely hollow, nothing left but bark within six feet of the ground, but somehow it supported a thriving set of branches and leaves:

Next we had a picnic at Fairmount Park, and then walked all the way around the lakes.

After that we went to the big Riverside Library, where Elizabeth finally found a book she’s been searching for, only to discover that we couldn’t check it out because apparently the Riverside Library is no longer connected with the county system. We would’ve had to go all the way back there to return the book instead of being able to return it to the Anza or Temecula libraries. Whassup with that, Riverside Library??

Then we wandered through the Mission Inn and the Marketplace, where I broke one of my New Year’s Resolutions less than two months into the new year. This is supposed to be my Year Without Stuff; I wanted to find how long I could go without buying any useless shiny objects we don’t really need. About 48 days, apparently. Elizabeth found this package of freaking adorable tiny Flying Monkeys…

…and said that she wanted them to be little messengers for her toys. My anti-consumerist principles could not withstand such unbearable cuteness. And then I couldn’t very well tell Luke he couldn’t have the little antique-styled trucks he wanted. Note to self: No Buying Stuff resolutions work better if you don’t go browsing around in pretty little antique-themed toy shops with your kids.

Man, could this weather BE any nicer? Why am I even in the house right now? Must go soak up some more sunshine….

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2 thoughts on “False Spring, Hollow Trees and Flying Monkeys

  1. My friend, forget Monchhichi…had I seen those ridiculously awesome monkeys at the same time as you, I would have gladly agreed to some sort of throwdown to wrestle them from your hands.

    OF COURSE you had to buy those monkeys.


  2. Debora

    They’re so TINY and CUTE and TINY! Still don’t regret buying them. I have to start all over in January with another Year Without Stuff resolution, though. Your blog is giving me hope that it can be done!


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