Sampler Saturday: New Format

Elizabeth has stopped drawing comics for now, and started writing a chapter book. It’s turning out to be quite the entertaining read. Right now she’s on Part 2, Chapter 18 and still rolling right along, so I thought it might be fun to start posting her story here on Sampler Saturday, a chapter at a time. I think she has a real gift for storytelling; I hope she keeps developing it as she grows.

So here we go:

Chapter 1: Interspecies Friends
By Elizabeth Silkotch, age 11

Once upon a time there was a young chupacabra girl. She looked human except that she had the ears of a rabbit, the tail of a cougar, the wings and claws of a dragon, the horn of a unicorn, and a strange purple marking (the source of her magic) on her nose. Her name was Elizabeth, she was a great artist and a beautiful singer, and she was reading one of her custom-made comic books while listening to her purple iPod.

Meditating in a corner was her friend, Espio. He was a sixteen-year-old ninja humanoid chameleon. His skin was a bright magenta/purple and his eyes were yellow and sometimes looked innocent. In between his eyes was a short yellow horn that stuck straight out. Like all chameleons, he had a coiled tail and a sort of crest on his head. Espio also had a sort of heart shape on his belly. He didn’t know why it had to be a heart shape, but Elizabeth thought Espio had so much love in his heart (he just refused to show it sometimes), that it just had to show on the outside too. Espio wore pure white gloves with purple triangle shapes on the back and gauntlets covering his wrists. He also wore shin guards and purple shoes. There was a single black stripe running across each shoe. And to top that off, there were three black spikes running vertically down his spine.

Espio just woke up from meditation and walked toward Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth,” Espio said.

Elizabeth, who could barely hear him over the sound of her iPod, paused her music and looked up.

“What?” She asked.

“I feel thirsty for adventure right now.” Espio replied.

Elizabeth and Espio had lived together for only a year now, Espio taking care of Elizabeth like a parent, only letting her have some fun when she wanted it*, teaching her some of his ninja skills, going on adventures whenever it seemed necessary. Espio also possessed every single little thing that a ninja possessed, (including shuriken stars and whatnot) and he even gave Elizabeth one fifth of his shuriken collection. Some of Espio’s shuriken stars were explosive and he didn’t give Elizabeth any of those because he said he didn’t trust her with any of his explosive equipment. He let her handle the non-explosives though. Espio had been a good teacher, parent, and friend to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth loved him to pieces.

Together, Elizabeth and Espio had become great friends and gradually, Elizabeth was winning Espio’s trust with his explosives.


*ED: Hmph!

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One thought on “Sampler Saturday: New Format

  1. Michelle

    Elizabeth, my school buddy….wow…I love your writing. You truly have a God-given gift.
    I am so glad you told me about this at School so that I can enjoy reading your stories.
    Don’t forget our deal for the next week… ;~)
    And Happy, happy (early) Birthday my friend.

    Love, Michelle Fox


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