But First….

So, remember that miscellaneous artwork I was going to post today, before getting to those horse portraits I keep going on about? I’ve gotten ahead of myself again, there’s something else I want to post first.

When I first learned that the machine shop I was working in was going to close down, I decided it was time to kick-start my art career. I did a bunch of small horse-related pen-and-ink drawings and submitted them to two or three horse magazines that use just those sorts of illustrations.






I got back form letters saying that their files were full at the moment and that I should try back in a few months. So I did, and added some breed pics to the submissions.




I got the same form letters back again from all the magazines. I concluded that there was no shortage of hopeful equine artists out there trying to break into the industry, and I decided to look in other directions for my big start.

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2 thoughts on “But First….

  1. Mia

    Sigh… I feel your…pain…rejection…lack of fribbin’ consideration by the corporate machine!

    Yeah I had a simular experience. I turned in a portfolio while working for the Mouse. I said all I wanted was an entry position, pay was optional! I would do their filing, fetch coffee, paint their toe nails, etc. Got a terrific call back and had a series of calls with management to get me cleared so that they could even look at my stuff. She was excited…she even spoke as if she had taken a forbidden peek! Being that I worked in the park, they couldn’t even look at my stuff until I got permission from my management. After they got the clearance…silence. Nothing…couldn’t even get a call back. And then to top it off…they had an option to either collect your portfolio or have them mail it back…I found my portfolio outside my apartment…and I had asked to pick it up. Sigh…There are reasons why I don’t work for the Mouse any more. Of course they shipped all animation off to France and Japan two years later…but I REALLY love sushi!


  2. Debora

    GAH, how frustrating. There was a time in my youth (like when I was six and seven) when I just assumed that I would grow up to be a Disney animator. Apparently that’s not as simple as one would hope. ;^)

    Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. We should get together and start our OWN animation company!


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