I was digging through my old artwork looking for those horse portraits, and I realized that there’s some other stuff I want to post first.

So today we have greeting cards. I started making homemade birthday cards for close friends, and then got into mass-printing my Christmas cards. I still have a few copies of designs in various stages of completion; I’ve posted them here in chronological order:



This was a card I made for Steve, of course:


And here’s the first horse portrait I ever did:


Duchess was the horse Steve was riding at the time, before he got Sam. I gave him the original painting for Christmas that year, and printed some smaller copies onto Christmas cards for him and his family.

This card has a special place in my heart:


It was the first commissioned-and-paid-for picture I’d done since I’d moved to Anza. A couple I occasionally house-sat for wanted their pets immortalized in pen and ink. I felt like my True Calling was finally getting back on track!

More Christmas card designs:




I have one more batch of miscellaneous artwork to post tomorrow, before I get to the horses.

Also I’m suddenly feeling the urge to go out and buy art supplies.

Curse you, NaBloPoMo!

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4 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. kendall

    there’s some good work, seriously.


  2. Debora

    Thanks. It’s been ages since I’ve even thought of myself as an artist — somewhere along the line I apparently became A Writer — but going through all my old artwork has got me wondering if there isn’t room for both in my life.


  3. Mia

    It is good Deb…

    And just think…you could write AND illustrate your own books!

    I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Remind me to post some sometime.


  4. Debora

    I’d love to write and illustrate a series of children’s books. Just waiting for that one magical idea to come to me. :^)

    I’d love to see your artwork! Do post some!


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