Dream Canyon

My uncle asks from time to time if we’ve hiked Dream Canyon yet. It’s been on our list of places to explore once summer came and everything got green and pretty again, so last week I decided that the time had come to check this one off the list. Luke and Elizabeth weren’t feeling a hike this weekend. But according to AllTrails this is a short, easy loop, less than a mile long: an unchallenging solo hike for me.

It looked simple enough on the AllTrails website, but the trails are not clearly marked and they randomly connect in all directions. I lost the main trail early on, and by the time I realized it I was already committed to my new path.

My goal was Boulder Creek. I was sure I could find a way down to it one way or another.

This is a gorgeous canyon. Amazing views and fun scrambles.

Twice the path I was following dead-ended at drop-offs too steep to climb down, and I had to turn back and find another way.

Finally I decided to turn back and see where I had lost the main loop trail. I ran into a couple of guys who were in the same situation I was in, trying to get down to the creek but unable to find the right trail. While we were wandering around and having no luck, another guy came hiking through with the confident air of a dude who knows where he’s going. I told him we were having no luck finding our way to the creek, and he said that’s where he was headed and we could follow him if we wanted. So we fell in behind him.

The trail he took us on was 100% not the main loop. I think it was made by mountain goats. But it was an incredibly fun scramble, and it did eventually wind down to the creek.

The part of the creek he led us down to was perfect for wading and sunning and apparently it was clothing-optional, because there were naked men as far as the eye could see. That wasn’t a problem for me, I’ve never been bothered by nudity. I found a comfy spot to sit and read the book I’d brought.

But since I was the only female there, and the only clothed person, I was the one getting sidelong looks from the locals. I think I was making them uncomfortable. I didn’t want to disrupt anyone’s vibe, so I didn’t stay long.

It was right about then that I realized I would have to find my own way back up that rough goat trail. I didn’t have much luck with that, but I did eventually find my way out of the canyon and back to the parking lot. 10/10, day well spent. It’s such an incredibly beautiful setting, I’m thinking about going back sometime and exploring more of the area. Maybe take my swimsuit next time, and find a part of the creek that isn’t full of naked dudes.


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