Earth Day, Birth Day

Today is Earth Day, and Mahogany’s birthday. In my mind she’s been “eight or nine years old, somewhere around there” for a while now, so today I did the math. This is her TWELFTH birthday. How did THAT happen?

Anyway, we celebrated both occasions with a lovely trail ride. Her pasture buddy, Kokomo, kept her company during the grooming and saddling.


The weather couldn’t have been nicer. Everything was either brilliant green or in bloom, and the blue sky was dotted with puffy white clouds playing peekaboo with the sun.


Almost everyone we passed, humans and animals, gave us a friendly greeting.



The backroads have their summery scenic beauty back after a long, drab winter. I am so glad spring is here. I am just not a winter person at all.



Back at the stable, we said hello to the newest addition to the family. She’s one week old today.


And back to the herd!


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