Mallard Cove Park



I was out running errands yesterday and pulled over to snap a pic of the Mallard Cove Park sign for my “collection.” This is the park I posted pics of near the end of this spring’s rains, when its two ponds were flooded and a third pond had appeared. I haven’t been there since those pics were taken, so I don’t know if the new pond is still there.

The official address is on Shadow Grass Ave, but it’s easier to access the park from Randol Mill Rd via Trinity Ct. To get to it from Shadow Grass Ave you have to drive into a little housing tract and then park in front of someone’s house. If you take Trinity Ct, there’s a little parking area and a gazebo near the park’s alternate entrance.

It’s not the prettiest park in the Metroplex, but it’s a great place to jog, walk your dog, teach your kid to ride a bike or just get out in the fresh air and frolic. I like to ride Mahogany down there sometimes.






A big flat-topped rock sits near one of the ponds, with smaller flat-topped rocks placed around it to create a table-and-chairs effect that I like a lot.


I introduced my friend Mendy and her daughter Lawren to the park last winter. Here they are standing on the table-rock.


In summary: Mallard Cove Park is unexceptional as far as looks and facilities go, but it’s got two (maybe three) ponds, plenty of wide-open spaces to wander around in, a nice gazebo near the parking area and a pretty stone “table” down under the trees. It would be a great place for a serious game of frisbee.

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