Winter Slushyland

The rain we’ve been getting all week turned to snow last night.

This was a surprise; I’d heard the snow level was supposed to start at 6000ft elevation and we’re only at 4000ft. The kids are happy — the schools are closed, so they get a 3-day weekend.

I’m loving this weather. We desperately need all the rain/snow/whatever form of water falling from the sky that we can get.

It’s starting to come down heavier, and now the forecast says more snow tomorrow. Glad I just stocked up on supplies and filled the firewood rack! Being snowed in for a few days is kind of cozy and nice as long as there’s no shortage of food, heat or dry socks.

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4 thoughts on “Winter Slushyland

  1. Michelle

    Deborah, Please come back to Church…you can sit by me and we can ignore the dirty looks together…


    • Debora

      Michelle, I’d love to get together sometime and do something fun, just not someplace that involves dealing with dirty looks. Life’s too short!


  2. Mia



  3. Dee

    Me too, or us too.


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