Need Input…

The seasonal snow on my blog: cheery or distracting? I’m kind of leaning toward distracting. Leave me a comment if you have an opinion on whether it should stay or go.


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7 thoughts on “Need Input…

  1. Mia

    I like it…but it did freak out on me a few pages back. Maybe add it for Christmas? Leave it down until then?


  2. Debora

    Good call. I’ve taken it down for now.


  3. Aaron

    Wow, Mia! Apparently, yours was the input that she was wanting or she just needed someone to validate our view 😉 We all bow to your uberness! We’re not worthy!!!

    I’ll take my lumps now 😉


  4. Debora

    So…you’re saying you liked the snow then, Aaron?

    I love the snow…in theory. In practice, I find myself thinking more about the snowflakes falling across the words than about the words themselves. TOTALLY distracts from the message.

    But if enough people comment that they want the snow back, I’ll put it back up.


  5. Aaron

    Quite honestly, I really don’t recall what it looked like. I guess I kinda blocked it out. I tend to get focused like that sometimes.

    However, when it comes to webdesign overall, I tend to stay away from effects like that. I was doing development work for Verizon at one point. The design team thought it would be great to put falling snow on the homepage. The developers were far from thrilled over the whole design, but they didn’t pay us to input on the look of the page. We were responsible for taking what we were given and making it happen. *sigh*

    So, my opinion is that losing the snow probably wasn’t a bad move. If you were distracted (ADHD aside ;)), I have a feeling that you were the only one.


  6. Aaron

    Correction… “I have a feeling that you *weren’t* the only one.”


  7. Mia

    Thank you Aaron for recognizing my uberness 🙂

    And btw…I think AARON is purdy too 😉


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