More Changes, Part Last

Pastor Bill has basically asked me to stop posting on this subject. He’s the last person I expected such a request from, since I’d thought that he and I felt the same way about how organized religion seems to destroy the humanity in people and undermine the practice of true Christianity.

My mistake.

Anyway, I’m going to respect his wishes and move this topic off of my public blog, since it’s apparently causing an uproar among his flock.

As a side note, if there’s anyone currently on my Blog Update mailing list who would prefer to be removed, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to do that.

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23 thoughts on “More Changes, Part Last

  1. kendall

    ah well, change arises from conflict… however if it was me I’d be having a conflict about just exactly what level of profanity I’d use.


  2. Aaron

    I’m kinda torn on this one. This is your own personal blog and if people are getting upset, they have the right not to read it. It’s akin, in my opinion, to someone coming in and telling you how to act in your own home. If they don’t like something you are doing, they know where the door is.

    However, on the other hand, I feel that you deserve serious cudos for respecting the request/wishes of your pastor. The fact that he approached you in private and asked (I would assume civilly and respectfully) for you to gracefully let the whole issue drop speaks volumes for his class and yours as well for respecting that request.



  3. Debora

    Kendall — I may have picked the wrong year to give up profanity.

    Aaron — not so much. He left a comment on my last post expressing a hope that I would get off my soapbox soon. Be that as it may, it honestly wasn’t my intention to cause a big hassle for him, so I’m going over to my non-public soapbox now.


  4. I’m a pastor and I like the way you think. I don’t always agree with your conclusions, but you are thinking well and with clarity. You are open to differences of opinion and changes in your own way of looking at things.

    Any time we “organize” ourselves around God we will, of necessity, miss Him. No finite being can comprehend, much less speak with absolute authority, about the exact nature and character of our infinite God. How can a infinite being describe the ineffable Infinite? The closest God could come to describing Himself was through the life of His Son, Jesus.

    Keep thinking, but whatever you do, keep the life and purpose of Jesus central. As you do that, you will automatically be led back to a group of Christians who can help you in your relationship with God. Even Jesus picked people to hang around and minister with. I pray you find the same.




  5. Debora

    Thank you. I always try to keep the life and purpose of Jesus central to my choices, and I’m always open to fellowship. Thanks for your prayers and for your kind words.


  6. pastor

    I have no fear of deconstruction as a tool of growth and challenge to established order and exogesis. But I prefer that it not negative in tone but rather instructive and exploritory in practice. There should space between the process and emotion grasshopper bit keep working it, it is a messy affair after all.


  7. Debora

    Pastor, I think “instructive and exploratory” pretty much sums up the tone of my blog. Some of the *responses* to my latest posts have been extremely negative, but other than deleting those comments (which I will never do, because I’m not into censorship), there’s not much I can do about that. It’s only “a messy affair” because a few people have chosen to turn it into one.

    I’ve already agreed not to post any more of this topic on my public blog. That’s as far as I’m willing to concede on this issue.


  8. Mia

    The cheek has been turned, so to speak. Just don’t let this silence you…ever.


  9. Brooke

    Please do remove me from the automated list that you have a new blog entry. Thank you so much and have a nice day. 🙂 <— eye contact and smile….


  10. I question any leader who discourages open dialogue. There’s no topic too scary to be addressed by reasonable people. You, Deb are almost irritatingly reasonable.

    Suppression of subject matter is inherently unchristian. Christ spoke of all kinds of things that made folks uncomfortable.

    While I disagree with you on certain commens you’ve made concerning the nature of organized religion, I cannot deny the sincerity of your remarks nor the reality of experience.


  11. Debora

    Suppression of subject matter IS inherently unchristian, but it seems to be a defining characteristic of most religions.

    Anyway, I’m going to turn my almost-irritatingly-reasonable observations to other subjects now, so hopefully we can all get on with our lives.


  12. Jennifer

    Please remove me from this blog. This is to no offense to ANYONE.


  13. Have you been giving your church a black eye? I’ve had my disagreements with my church on occasions, but I’ve never been so bold as to spell it out on my blogs. I have skimmed through several of your blog posts because my husband encouraged me to do so. I don’t wish to enter into any extended discussions on your positions. I am sure you have many valid grievences as well as a few places where there are some misunderstandings. But I can’t help but sympathize with your “Pastor Bill” if your posts are causing rifts in his congregation.

    Read Proverbs 6:16-19 (This link will bring it up and you can select your preferred translation: )

    I believe I see a few of the things you mentioned in your posts listed among these things the Lord hates. But the last one is the strongest, the one that is detestable to God: “a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.” (NIV) If you are making these posts with the idea of getting through to the members of your church and the posts are causing rifts, then your efforts are counter-productive.

    You may need to spend more time in prayer on these matters, then speak directly to the persons who you feel need correcting rather than broadcasting your feelings to the entire world and giving your church a black eye.


  14. Debora

    When I started writing this blog, it was mainly for the benefit of a small handful of old friends who now live in different states across the country. It is, first and foremost, a personal journal. This is where I write about my life, my experiences, my discoveries and my efforts to unravel the deep mysteries of life. To the very best of my knowledge, I have written nothing but truths on these pages, except for the posts plainly designated as fiction. I have found that facing the hard truths in life really do set a person free, and it’s the secrets, deceptions and denials that do all the true harm. I believe to the marrow of my bones that covering up the ugly realities in life and pretending they don’t exist is precisely what allows that ugliness to proliferate and thrive. I’ve seen this at every level of society, not just in the church. Pretending everything is perfect, pretending not to see the bad stuff, is basically giving the bad stuff your unspoken approval to continue. It happens everywhere. I’ve done it myself in the past, and kept myself in bondage to denial for WAY too many years.

    Now I’m all about the truth, and freedom. If people are uncomfortable with that, maybe they should ask themselves why they feel so threatened by it.

    As for sowing discord among brethren…trust me, they do not need my help with that. Discord was exactly what I was walking away from.

    My posts weren’t written for the members of my church, they were written for my friends and for myself. In all honesty, I thought that the ministry leaders’ response to my departure would be to heave a small collective sigh of relief and then go about their business without giving me a second thought. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about; the HUGE majority of my readers don’t even live in this town and have no connection with this church. When I mentioned in person to Pastor Bill that I was leaving, he only said that he understood my going and that he was surprised I’d lasted as long as I had. It’s not like it was a big secret that I didn’t fit in there anymore.

    Anyway, I’ll say it again: the whole point of being the master of my blogmain is that I get to write whatever I see fit here. If other folks have different viewpoints they are welcome to chime in here or start their own blogs. I have no problem with free speech. I am free speech’s biggest fan.


  15. A organized religion follower- lol

    As a young adult of back country… I find ur ideas and views of my church falsely ridiculous and corrupt… If ur gonna leave don’t make a drama scene just leave and don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya! I love pastor bill, it is refreshing to hear his ideas and views concerning Gods word… And I’m sorry if u are to set in your traditional and unconventional ways to understand them…. I’m sure we could have got u a mp3 version of post modern communications for dummies- that way u would have actually understood the message and not twist words and continue rambling about the subject to encrue your need for self serving drama to go along with ur lack of tact and positive energy that u express when among people- u think people judge u even before u give them a chance- There is a church for everyone and mine happens to be BCC and will continue to be- I am spiritually fed here and I can feel Gods prescence and am excited at all the new and glorious things he is doing… So if that means taking out the trash every once in a while- then so be it! Love to all Bcc members~ hope u find ur “tribe” as u put it… Cuz I have found my family! ❤


    • Michelle

      God bless you!


    • To a organised religion follower in relation to your comments

      What a diatribe against someone who has written a personal blog. You think the lord likes what you have written to Deborah. Take out the trash… goodness you have some issues. Your issues belong solely to you and they come through loud and clear. Your paster will not thank you for these vitriolic comments.

      The interesting thing about blogs is that they are read around the world by many people. I am from Australia. I suggest you take the plank out of your own eye before you attempt to remove someone elses splinter.
      Most sincerely


  16. Debora

    Orgnized religion follower — Glad to hear it. It sounds like you have.


  17. Like I said earlier, I have no intentions of starting a dialog here. I want you to know I read your comments and acknowledge that I don’t know enough about the situation to comment further. God bless you in your search for Jesus Christ. I fear you will be hard pressed to go it alone and hope you will find the right church where you can enjoy a supportive Christian fellowship.


  18. Debora

    Janice — Thank you. I know I’d never make it alone, and I thank God every day for the true friends that continue to stand by me. I don’t think of myself as searching for Jesus Christ, though; I found Him as a child and his love and guidance and comfort have sustained me through all the trials of my life. I know that where I’m at now is just another part of the journey; I’m actually very thankful for my time at Back Country and everything I learned there.

    Thanks again for the good wishes. Merry Christmas!


  19. Hi Deb
    I havent been reading your blog lately as both my parents passed away in the last 6 weeks and I have been in mourning. They were in their early sixties.
    Things have certainly changed in your blog within this time.

    Keep your chin up and your heart light Deb you are a good person. I read through your blog and as a practicing psychotherapist I can honestly say that its just group dynamics you have been expereiencing. Particularly, ‘ status quo’ issues. I am particularly amazed at the childishness of some of the adults comments in response to your blogs. I think someone even mentioned dont let a door hit you in the bottom on your way out of membership…what on earth… was that a christian adult? lol and MP3 for dummies…again this has to be a child…dont tell me its an adult member of a church.

    Continue to be you as you are wonderful the way the lord made you and I like reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photography. Ps I have been to louisiana and to the towns you mention.
    Warmest regards


  20. Debora

    Deborah — I’m very sorry to hear about your parents. Losing loved ones is never easy, but it must be especially difficult so close to Christmas. You and yours are in my prayers; I hope your holidays are full of love and comfort and healing.

    Thank you for your thoughtful words, they’re much appreciated. And if you’re ever back in Shreveport and you happen to eat at Guillaumes’, say hello to Terry for me!


    • Hello Debora,
      Alan and I are coming to America to the deep south in October. We have friends in New orleans. This will be my treat after last year. I havent been blogging for a few months. Just read your reply. Still love your blog.
      Warmest regards from Australia


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