Wordless Wednesday: September Sunset




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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: September Sunset

  1. Anonymous

    It just doesn’t look complete without a silhouette of a kid on the rope swing forefronting God’s masterpieces in the sky! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. Dee

    Was this last night? My mother and I were out watching it last night and I thought that I should take a picture and didn’t do it. Beautiful isn’t it. “For God So Loved the World!” Dee


  3. kendall



  4. Debora

    Anon — I thought folks might be getting tired of seeing the rope swing in all my sunset pics, so I went for a different POV this time. They were swinging off-camera though!

    Dee — yes! And I sorta envy you having someone to sit and watch the sunset with. My kids are too active at dusk for sunset-watching. I want someone to share my porch-swing with. Sigh.

    Kendall — glad you like!


  5. deborahvsgoliath

    Thats beautiful a lovely peaceful evening. Thank you for sharing Debora regards


  6. vaughn

    Vaughn here on Wed. the 7th I guess . Love to you and yours. Back from a week on the coast, to my friends place in Nevada. Love the sunsets,and your posts about your progress with your art and about church. Busy after our trip with laundry and her yard and house work. Love Vaughn


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