For Mia

Luke’s recreation of the dump scene from The Brave Little Toaster.

First the garbage truck comes and gets them…

…and takes them to the dump, where the Giant Electromagnet is picking up victims…

…and dropping them onto the conveyor belt to get crushed.


Do you suppose it was some sort of metaphor for the mood he was in Saturday?

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3 thoughts on “For Mia

  1. brooke

    I think you need to capitalize the ‘m’ in Metaphor!


  2. Mia

    LOL! I love his sets…Hey! Maybe he’ll be a set designer?


  3. Dee

    Well, I’ve finally caught up on your life since the Blizzard. You did a fabulous job of conducting yourself and the entire mess. I’m so glad that you realized as soon as you did what was wrong with the kids. I think you are a very good mother, because I believe most mothers might have been too taxed with other obligations to spend the time in thought. Especially working women or women who don’t want to be poor as church mice. There are great lessons, obviously, in being humble church mice. Remember, if you ever need anything, just call on me. I’ll help in any way I can.


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