I got tired of paying professionals to patch holes in my car tires, so I ordered one of those super-strong rare earth magnets from Amazon in hopes of snagging all the jaggy metal flotsam from my driveway that I can’t seem to find just by looking.

My magnet arrived yesterday, and this morning I did a quick experimental pass over part of my driveway and the surrounding dirt. Within minutes it looked like this:


I guess that would explain all the leaky tires.

This thing is CRAZY strong. It found a pipe buried beneath my driveway and I literally had to pry it off the dirt with a clawhammer. And then I had to pry it off my hammer with the corner of my (wooden) back porch.

I’m afraid to bring it into my computer room for fear that it will wipe my hard drive from ten feet away. And heaven help you if your fingers get between it and any substantial metal object, like a full set of keys. (Not that I would be so careless or anything. Just a random example.)


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3 thoughts on “Magnetism

  1. Anonymous

    wow! and LOL!

    yeah keep it away from your computer.


  2. Pastor Bill

    So much for a magnetic personality.


  3. Debora

    Anon — I don’t know how close a magnet has to get to wipe a hard drive, but I’m taking NO chances with this monster!

    Pastor — That would be handy; I could just walk down my driveway and all the nails would come flying!

    Wait. That wouldn’t be a good thing at all, now that I think about it. ;^)


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