So Am I Officially Old Now?

If I have to turn 40, y’all have to hear about it.

It’s been said that life begins at 40, so it seems kind of appropriate that my birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year. The kids and I began the day at a sunrise service in Aguanga, and the ancient and forever-fresh Easter messages of salvation and joy and victory over darkness suited my frame of mind perfectly.

Later there was the regular church service, which was wonderful, and then an Easter egg hunt there on the grounds for the kids, and then we drove over to the Trinity pasture to check on the new baby (first calf of spring, about two weeks old now and doing great!), and then Luke and Elizabeth went to see their dad and I spent a couple hours down in the garden planting stuff and preparing some new beds and rejoicing over the latest new seedlings (and bulblings and crownlings) (it’s my day, they’re words if I want them to be) pushing their way up into the sunshine. Because there was also lots of warm sunshine today, for the first time in about a week, which just goes to show that Mother Nature can appreciate a birthday as well as anyone. So basically I celebrated my 40th year of bornfulness by doing most of my favorite stuff and surrounded by most of my favorite people (at least the local ones), and it was good.

There’s a bunch of philosophical stuff I wanted to put into this post, but now I’m thinking that that subject is going to run really long so I’m going to save it for another entry. But there WILL be navel-gazing, oh yes indeed. I just happen to be so spastic on Easter-candy-overdose right now that I’m seeing two navels, and that can’t be good for waxing philosophical if one wishes to be taken seriously.

And I’m a middle-aged grup now. I DEMAND to be taken seriously! Get off my lawn, you damn kids!

Wait. I’ve resolved to stop using profanity now that I’ve left my tempestuous youth behind.

Get off my lawn, you darn kids. Please. Thank you. Have a cookie.

I don’t actually have a lawn, of course.

I have cookies though. I’m having cookies right now. They have jelly beans on them.

I think I may possibly have three navels. {twitch}

This calls for another round of chocolate eggs….

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5 thoughts on “So Am I Officially Old Now?

  1. I laughed as I read your ‘turning 40″ post, especially because my ’40’ is coming up in a couple of weeks. I resolved to stop swearing too, but damned if I can keep a ‘G’ rated conversation at all times!

    Sounds as if there was a lot of rejoicing. I, too, rejoiced because I think for the first time, I ‘got’ what Easter really signifies. It’s sad it took a death to really make me think about it – but I now appreciate what the Day means and what it means to my friends and family who have passed on.

    As for my 40th, I dream of going to Glacier Mountain with my cameras, whistle, and a decent pair of hiking shoes. Lord, the idea of getting close to those bears!

    Oh, and I am actually in the process of opening up a gallery on Etsy. Go Figure – guess I’m settling in (sort of) to middle age as well…

    Kathy 🙂


  2. Dee

    I’m a lot older than you are, so I say you are young. You need to have fun and lots of it!


  3. Debora

    Kathy — Mountain hiking sounds like an awesome way to spend a 40th! What’s the Etsy link?

    Dee — That’s the plan!


  4. Hi. I’m still setting it up, but there are four items there now. Actually, it’s great for any artist! It will take a few days to get it going; I’m currently waiting on photographs to arrive before I post them.

    The website for it is:


  5. Make that eight items now. Yeah, I love hiking – who would’ve guessed, huh? One of my favorite hiking moments was following a porcupine on my belly for nearly 30 minutes – then again, the moose that got his paddles stuck between two trees is a tough one to top as well!

    That’s my goal anyway, to spend the entire day hiking. Happy Birthday to you, by the way.

    Dee, I’ll try to remember your comment when my arthritis nails me each morning! (Yeah, even at 39 I have to deal with ‘old’ crap – that’s for the aged, but then again, I feel old these days! But not too old to hike and shoot animals with my camera!)


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