Knight To Queen’s Center Island

Luke and Elizabeth are supposed to return all their toys and stuff to their bedrooms or the playroom before they go to bed at night, but I found this on the living-room floor this morning:


I have no idea what they call it or what the rules might be, but I suspect that it may be distantly related to Calvinball.

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3 thoughts on “Knight To Queen’s Center Island

  1. Mia

    Well since they left it out that means that you get to keep all of the treasure, right?


  2. Debora

    Yes! Now I can finally return to the gracious life of luxury and bonbons!

    I wonder what the current exchange value is on a Piece of Eight?


  3. Mia

    Didn’t I also see emeralds too? Don’t forget them, they should get you a Starbucks or two.


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