Today I Love…


…my fifteen-year-old handspun, handknit wool cap that never wears out and always keeps my ears toasty warm.

I’m also loving my woodstove, which has doubled as a cookstove this past week to save on propane.


We have to keep it blazing hot all day anyway, because the weather outside is seriously frightful. Now I can drink all the hot tea I want with no guilt about my propane bill!

We got a good soaking rain on Monday, and then an INSANE amount of snow yesterday. Seriously. Insane. It snowed from long before dawn until long after dark without any breaks.


Unless you count all the tree branches that broke under the strain.


I’ll have to take a walk around later and assess that situation; I know at least three trees took damage, maybe more.

Right now it’s 26ºF outside and we’re effectively snowed in. And I kind of love that too: no school for the kids, nowhere I have to be until it all melts. Winter has imposed a mandatory break from the demands of civilization. Sweet.

Happy Love Thursday! May your days be merry and bright, and may all…well, you know the rest.

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