Memory Lane 3: Wee Folk (Mature Content Warning For Mild Nudity)

While I was in my “coloring book” phase I drew a lot of elves and faeries. The elves were always elegantly garbed…

…but the faeries never had a stitch on:

I’m not sure why all my wee folk were nekkid, but I suspect that it was a subconscious response to the soul-crushing repressiveness of my home life. You know, I couldn’t do anything about the situation I was trapped in (or I thought I couldn’t, which amounted to the same thing), but by golly my faeries were going to frolic unfettered by any constraints at all!

That whole “coloring book” art style was kind of…well…not my best work, but it segued into something a bit more snazzy in my third year up here, when my friend Dani asked me to do some illustrations of creatures she had created for the rpg world she was developing.

Those pics tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Memory Lane 3: Wee Folk (Mature Content Warning For Mild Nudity)

  1. normally I wait to read your blog in the evening, but with the nudity tag…? I had to race over here! 😉


  2. Debora

    LOL! Just cartoon nudity, hope it wasn’t too disappointing. Kid stuff to a well-read connoisseur such as yourself, I realize. ;^)


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