Sampler Saturday: Holding Pattern

Elizabeth has been wrapped up in schoolwork and other projects this week, so she hasn’t been drawing much. I asked her if she had anything for Sampler Saturday and she handed me an odd little story titled “Elizabeth And The Wrath Of The Cheeseburger Men,” which sadly was neither coherent enough nor visually striking enough to post. Except the cover, which was kind of cool:

Anyway, rather than let down her public she immediately sat down and drew this picture as a sort of “Please Stand By” screen:

We’ll return you to your regularly-scheduled comics next week.

Meanwhile, how about this crazy weather we’re having? Is it just here or has winter arrived about two months early this year? I suppose we can at least hope for a white Christmas….

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One thought on “Sampler Saturday: Holding Pattern

  1. Mia

    It’s freezing! But on the upside I get to take out my sweaters!


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