Wednesday we left Lamesa and continued on to Bedford TX in the DFW area.

Actually, it wasn’t quite as simple as that. The driving directions I’d printed out from Mapquest turned out to be completely fictional for this leg of the journey; I finally resorted to asking the locals how to get back to the I20. Everyone I asked gave me the same directions, which I was hesitant to follow because they bore no resemblance to my printed ones, but finally I bowed to the majority and, as it turned out, found my way with no trouble. Freaking Mapquest.

We spent Wednesday night at the home of my friend Aaron Murphy and his family. The plan had been to get together with him and some other TX friends the following day for dinner, but due to the local outbreak of a vile plague of illness that had to be rescheduled for my return trip.

I wish the whole Murphy clan could have been in the pic, but Rochelle and Mandi were in school when it was taken, and Kris was still a little under the weather and opted for camera-wielding duty instead.


Little Brendan is at that wonderful age (not quite two) where he has an opinion about everything, and makes up in enthusiastic volume what he lacks in scope of vocabulary. I remember it fondly from Luke’s toddler years. ;^)

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