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Wasp Art

I just saw this under one of the apple trees:

It’s an apple that’s been completely hollowed out by wasps; there’s nothing left but the core, the translucent skin and some odd little granules. I think it’s sorta pretty.

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Brain Kink

I was goofing around at the Yearbook Yourself site a while back, which by the way you should totally go check that out if you haven’t yet. You upload a photo of yourself looking straight ahead, then pick various years to see yourself coiffed and dressed in the styles of each period, thusly:

I also like this one:

I worked my way all the way up into the nineties, and then suddenly sprayed water all over my keyboard. Because this…

…is my sister. Seriously, I think that’s an actual picture of my sister from the tenth grade.

Possibly I’m the only one who finds this just slightly freaky, but I just never thought she and I look very much alike; physically I take after our mother and she takes after our father. Blending my 2008 face with the styles of 1992 and getting a spot-on pic of my sister circa 1984 just weirded me out a little.

Righty-o, moving on now. I picked up some wasp traps this morning. Actually all they had were yellow-jacket traps, but I’m hoping that they’ll attract the other kinds too. They sure attract the yellow-jackets in a major way — the little suckers were elbowing their way to their doom almost before I’d finished hanging the first trap:

And within a few hours they were having trouble cramming any more in:

Take THAT, my little ex-friends. I bet NOW you’re wishing you hadn’t betrayed my trust, AREN’T you??

Wow. Projecting much?

Busy week for me, so there might not be much posted here until Monday or so. It’s a good kind of busy though, the kind that makes me hop happily out of bed in the mornings to get it all done. More on that later; I’ll try to get a pic or two as I go along.

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