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Today I’m Thankful For…

…my crockpot! Wondrous invention.

This morning I headed down to Temec to enjoy some last-minute grocery shopping on what must surely be the busiest grocery-shopping day of the year. I figured that after a day spent searching for parking spaces and standing in long lines I probably wouldn’t feel much like cooking, so before I left I put a beef brisket in in the toaster oven, broiled it on both sides, then plunked it into the crockpot with an onion (sliced), three cloves of garlic (minced), and about half a jar of Claim Jumper barbecue sauce (heavenly!).

When I returned home this afternoon the savory aroma of barbecue sauce and brisket filled the kitchen. I’d picked up some fresh-baked sourdough rolls from the bakery in Temec to round out the meal…and my work is done.

Man, I love my crockpot. :^)

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