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Last One Out Turn Off The Lights.

Sure is quiet around here. If it weren’t for Tuesday Tales and Wordless Wednesday this place would be a ghost town. The thought in the back of my mind has been that there isn’t anything all that blogworthy going on lately, but this past Saturday made me realize that that isn’t it.

Saturday was one of those days where I’d planned an activity and I hoped it would be fun but I knew it could go either way, and then the day arrived and all the planets aligned and sent us rainbows and hot air balloons and unicorns and it ended up being magically delicious in unexpected ways from beginning to end. Definitely the sort of day one would blog about if one had any interest in blogging at all.

I suspect it’s partly a seasonal ebb. Without actually going back and checking the numbers, I feel like the blog always slows way down around this time of year. But there’s more to it; my ongoing quest to “simplify, simplify” has made me more aware of the way Unnecessary Things nibble away at a person’s time and energy. My blog is beginning to feel like an Unnecessary Thing.

And technically, it HAS become unnecessary. All the people I started the blog to stay connected with are on Twitter or Facebook now, and/or have their own blogs, or are on special-interest mailing lists with me. My need to write, to practice the art of wordcrafting, is satisfied by the book I’m working on. My blog has become a chore rather than an outlet. So rather than letting it turn into an endless stream of Tuesday Tales AADcats, I’m going to call a hiatus and put the blog on ice until/unless my desire to keep a journal comes back to me.

I’ll still be writing the Tuesday Tales column over at Ideology of Madness. If you want the weekly reminders you can follow me on Twitter (@Dsilkotch). If you want to keep up with my random day-to-day-minutae, Twitter’s where I usually put it. Basically if you feel like you’ll miss my blog, go follow me on Twitter.

Happy trails, Dear Internet! See you around the webbertubes!

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Tuesday Tales: A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web (Click to read this week’s suspenseful chapter!)

“It does sound wonderful.  Makes me wish I were going to be around to see it.”

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Tuesday Tales: Blood And Lies

Blood And Lies (Click to read this week’s chilling chapter. Mature content warning for violence and disturbing imagery)

“Tell me your secrets, Casey, and I will spare you further torment.”

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Tuesday Tales: Truth Or Consequences


Truth Or Consequences (Click to read this week’s gripping chapter. Mature Content warning for violence and disturbing imagery.) (Jonathan Coulton’s Skullcrusher Mountain was playing in my head as I edited this scene. Perfect soundtrack!)

“I’ve no more time for your lies, Casey. Now is the time for truth.”

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Tuesday Tales: The Workshop

The Workshop (Click to read this week’s chapter)

“Do you believe that I do not wish to hurt you?”


This is the beginning of my favorite scene in the whole game. It was absolutely harrowing to play out, not knowing what horrific thing was going to happen to my character next, but what a creative rush!

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