Hugo Cabret and the Kitchen Table Reviews

If you have, or know any, kids who love to read, I have two wonderful recommendations for you.

The first is a really nifty book called The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. It looks a little intimidating for younger readers (it’s about two inches thick with a rather grown-up look about it), but there are pages and pages with no words at all, or only a few words; this story is told as much in the illustrations as in the text. The three of us read it aloud together, a few chapters every night, lingering over the beautiful images, and got through it in just about a week. Both kids were mesmerized by the story, and when it was done it sparked a lot of discussion and thoughtful speculation. If you know any young readers (the published say it’s for ages 9 — 12, but Luke loved it possibly even more than Elizabeth did), check this one out!

My second recommendation is the website where I first learned of Hugo Cabret. One of my all-time favorite bloggers has landed a terrific new gig talking about children’s books with her two kids; it’s called the Kitchen Table Reviews, and it has definitely been enriching our library selections. This is a great resource for anyone who’s looking for family-friendly reading suggestions.


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