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Weekly Sketch: Fawn

Got a lot going on these days. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and draw, or the focus to get creative with it. Here is a cartoon fawn.

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Weekly Sketch: Pony

Busy week for me, I didn’t get around to practicing human anatomy. Here is a cartoon pony.

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Weekly Sketch: The General Idea of a Person

I forgot to do a sketch last week. Oops.

I used to be pretty good at freehand-drawing people back in my nekkid faerie days. But I’ve let myself get so reliant on reference images, these days I struggle to draw the human form without them. So one of my new art goals is to remember how to draw people completely from imagination.

My first attempt is kind of a scribble. Baby steps.

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Breckenridge, Part II

After Elizabeth and I broke camp Sunday morning we drove back to the public parking lot next to the gondola station. Our plan was to explore downtown Breckenridge on foot and then do some hiking up in the local mountains.

Breckenridge is a beautiful little town with an Old West Gold Rush aesthetic. Not in a dusty or faded or ghost-towny way, but fresh and colorful and vibrant. Elizabeth and I stepped into one charming little shop, bought a couple of pretty (and pricey) trinkets, and didn’t step into any more shops for fear of spending all of our money.

See that mountaintop in the next pic? That’s Peak 8, locally known as Imperial Peak, elevation 12,998′. A few hours after I snapped this pic, Elizabeth and I were standing on its summit.

Breckenridge is full of art, and parks, and parks full of art. Much of downtown is closed to car traffic now to make more room for pedestrians to socially distance.

We walked up Main St, and then returned to the parking lot via the Riverwalk Trail.

And then we climbed a mountain!

To be continued…

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Weekly Sketch: Prairie Deer

This week’s sketch is inspired by a scene I came across recently in a meadow. Something about the quality of the light and the way the deer blended so harmoniously into the grass made it all look like a watercolor. I’ve stepped outside my usual style a bit trying to capture the sense of peace and beauty.

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