Home For The Holidays, Part I

Luke and Elizabeth spent Winter Break with their dad in Anza. I drove them back to California, stayed with friends over the break, and then we drove back to Texas. I came home with 400+ pics on my camera, so for the next week or so I’ll be sharing my favorite images from the trip.

The whole thing went really well. We arrived at my friends’ house on the night of the 23rd, very restless from sitting in the car for two days. First thing the next morning, I took the kids out to stretch their legs on the little mountain at the end of my friends’ road.


It’s a nice climb, with a nice view at the top.


Those tiny dots above the mountains are hot air balloons. I climbed this mountain almost every morning of my stay, and I saw the balloons almost every time.

My friends’ road, seen from the mountaintop:


At some point since our trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, Luke apparently lost his fear of climbing around above long drops. The boy was scrambling over the rocks like a mountain goat, he even gave me a scare or two.




Elizabeth is as fearless and surefooted as ever.



We felt a lot better after the hike. Washed off the road dust, had a really nice Christmas Eve with our friends, and then Steve picked up the kids and I didn’t see them again for more than a week. It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart.

My friends did their best to keep me too busy to miss them, though. More pics to come!

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