One Down, Three To Go.

It didn’t take me long to break one of my four New Year’s resolutions; less than a month this time. This was my second year for this particular resolution: to stop buying shiny objects that I don’t really need.

What happened was, last week I found myself in a Walmart searching for an item that I hadn’t been able to find in any of my regular stores. Walmart is the DEVIL, people — you can’t go in there and come out with only one thing. Granted, most of the stuff I bought was technically on my list, I’d just been planning to get it elsewhere. But…I can’t pretend that the $5 Corpse Bride dvd is a necessity, it was simply too good a deal to pass up. Resolution blown.

Then when I got home and was putting away the day’s shopping, I couldn’t find the dvd anywhere. I was also missing a tube of lip balm. I’d bought both at Walmart. I realized that they must have been in their own bag together and I probably just hadn’t picked it up with the rest of the stuff at the checkout stand. D’OH! So not only did I blow one of my resolutions, I didn’t even have the dvd to show for it!

Yesterday I was off the hill again, so in the spirit of thoroughness I took my receipt to Walmart and explained to a girl in Customer Service what had happened. I wasn’t really expecting them to believe me, but to my surprise she pulled out a little box full of receipts, matched the date on mine to a copy that they’d kept, confirmed that I’d left the items at the bagging carousel, and said I could go pick out the dvd and lip balm again. This is, in my opinion, spectacular customer service. Way better than I would have expected from Walmart. Thumbs up, Evil Mega-Corporation!

So far so good on the other three resolutions. Further updates as events warrant.

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4 thoughts on “One Down, Three To Go.

  1. say what?! that’s, like, awesome on a Christmas Miracle level.

    Why don’t you just wipe the slate clean and start over with that particular resolution? Sure, you bought the DVD, but it’s really a lesson about not falling in love with dead people. That’s an important lesson. Totally worth $5. In fact, I would pay $6 for that kind of goodness.

    side note: i took a ghost tour when I was in Key West and heard the “real” story of a Key West doctor and his corpse bride. I’m not sure if they based the movie off of that, but it still freaks me out to this day when I think about it.


    • Debora

      I just Googled that Key West corpse bride story. EEEWWWW! That is seriously creepy.

      I probably will start fresh on the resolution. It’s still a good one, even if I’m apparently a moral weakling when it comes to small shiny — SQUIRREL!!


  2. Dee

    When you get older, you realize resolutions are for the young.


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