These Small Hours

This one is dedicated to two of my fellow bloggers, who are having (separate and unrelated) rough times right now and are looking for some happy.


The first time I ever heard Rob Thomas’ song “Little Wonders” was shortly after Steve and I separated. I immediately downloaded it from iTunes and played it over and over for weeks. It seemed to be speaking directly to the tangled knot of pain and hope that had taken up residence in my chest, and I wanted the knot to hear and believe, and maybe loosen its grip a little.

For a long time (like, until just the past couple of months), it was difficult for me to look at photos taken during that first year or so after the split. You could see the hope and the growing glimmers of peace and joy in those images, but my memories of the raw underlying pain were still too fresh. I looked at those pictures and remembered just putting one foot in front of the other in a determined effort to get through the tunnel and into the light.

I’ve been out of the tunnel for a while now, but I still love that song. It’s full of truth and light and strength, and if you’re ever going through a difficult time you should add it to your favorite playlists and listen to it until the sunshine comes back.

All of this is to explain that today’s Love Thursday post is in video form, and also to express my gratefulness that even the first half of the video makes me smile now instead of making my stomach hurt. Always a bonus. I’m hoping it can bring a smile or two to anyone else who needs one today.

So now, without further ado:

Happy Love Thursday everyone, and special virtual hugs go out to Jenny and Mir. Things will get better. You are loved by so many.

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5 thoughts on “These Small Hours

  1. That was beautiful. I was okay until “make the path worth walking” and then I got all teary. Your kids are gorgeous. 🙂

    Thank you.


    • Debora

      Thank you. I’ve always wanted to tell you: I found your blog when I was going through those dark times after my marriage ended, and reading through your archives about your own struggles and eventual happy ending (or happy new beginning) was a real source of comfort and hope for me. So thank you for that too. :^)


      • What a lovely post. Things have been a little difficult in my neck of the woods lately, and much of the ickiness I can’t really talk about on my blog. That song spoke to my heart. Thank you.


  2. Debora

    Thanks Kristin. I like your blog!


  3. Good reading tthis post


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