Religion, politics and chemical addiction are small, lonely cages people build to insulate themselves from personal growth and genuine loving relationships with God, their fellow humans and the natural world. Occupants spend their whole lives reinforcing the encompassing walls with memorized rhetoric and denial and lies, and they have no idea how much sweeter life is outside the cage. These cells are indestructible from the outside: each one is unique and can only be broken by the person who constructed it around himself. Which hardly ever happens, because the longer you live in your cage, the more the people outside it look like your enemies. Even if — no, ESPECIALLY if they love you and want to help you regain your health and freedom.

Ironically, most occupants think of the cage itself as their “freedom.” I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that concept.

I think I have more to say on this subject, but it’ll have to wait until I have more time. Gainful employment is wreaking havoc on my writing ops!

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2 thoughts on “Cages

  1. pastor bill

    you should read the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis people keep their cages after death.


  2. Debora

    I think you mentioned that book in a couple of your sermons. Is that the one where some people ride a bus from Hell to Heaven, and when they get there the light of truth shines so uncomfortably bright that all but one decide to return to the familiar darkness of Hell?


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