More Evidence!

For the most part I like being “unplugged” from the constant din of modern media. I don’t read newspapers or magazines, I don’t get radio reception where I live, and one of the first things I did when Steve moved out was cancel our DirecTV subscription. Our tv is hooked up to a vcr and a Blu-Ray player and that’s it. Six days a week I visit a Yahoo news site and catch up on whatever people are frantic about at the moment. That is just enough news for me.

Yesterday morning (before the wounded hand incident) Elizabeth mentioned that she’d had two nightmares the night before. The first one had been about an enormous tornado making its way toward her school, and all the kids and teachers trying to escape, and then the dream had changed and it was her and Luke and their dad trying to drive away from the tornado in his truck, which was now threatening his house. And then she woke up, and then she went back to sleep and had another nightmare…about two tornadoes bearing down on our house here. That one had a better ending; the tornadoes looked massive from a distance but by the time they reached our property they were only harmless little dust devils.

“That’s so weird, dreaming about tornadoes twice in one night,” she kept saying. “I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me.” We had several conversations over the course of the day about the nature of recurring nightmares and how there’s usually some psychological issue that your brain’s trying to work out. We couldn’t figure out what the tornadoes might signify, though.

And then this morning I went to my news site and learned that a huge tornado swept through Mississippi and Alabama on Saturday, killing 12 people. That is quite a coincidence.

I’m working on a theory that as Elizabeth progresses through adolescence, more of her alien dna is beginning to activate. Soon more powers will appear. And also I think that the aliens who contributed their genetic material get really really woozy at the sight of human blood.

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One thought on “More Evidence!

  1. Anonymous

    I have a suggestion for halloween costume, a Grey Alien.
    I bet you can find the grey latex hood, some makeup and some sunglasses that’d really give the whole effect fantastic.


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